Venus Envy 

What are your prospects for love? Depends who you ask.

Feeling lucky, punk? Got an itch in your pants, do ya? Maybe that means some lovin’ is coming your way. Or maybe it just means that it’s time for you to do some laundry and clean those britches.

Regardless, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my quest for the romantic truth, it’s that you can’t leave anything to chance. Which means, when you’re cultivating advice or ideas or hunches about love, you can never ask too many people. After all, what if one of them is wrong? Or what if one is lying? Or what if one just didn’t understand the question? That happens all the time. We’re talking about love here. So feel free to confront everyone, just like I did. Just be sure that when you’re asking, you keep in mind where the answers are coming from.

Melissa Kae Mason, a.k.a. Mooncat! Astrologer, radio DJ, nude model

Q: What are my prospects for love?

A: “This is the timing of life’s events: The moon cruises through the entire astrological system every month. So every month, you’re gonna have the moon go through these houses that dictate partnership. Of course, when the moon goes through Scorpio, everyone has kind of a ‘Rrrrowr’ emphasis. Then the moon goes through the seventh house—which is basically where it will be two weeks from now—that’s when you’re focusing on the other, outside of yourself, and how that breaks through for you.

“Now, because your chart is all just a bunch of vibrating numbers, you can take the wholeness of your numbers and the wholeness of somebody else’s numbers and join them together which creates what’s called a composite chart. As the planets move through and touch on those angles that are created in the composite between you and somebody else, that’s when you might meet that person. So it’s hard to say specifically, because when relationships happen, it’s the joining of the math. And you can’t see that until you see it.

“For you, you are shining with yourself, and when one is shining with themself, that’s a good time to meet people, because you’re fully who you are. So in that sense you’re sort of a magnet right now because you’re vibrating with who you are. And other people are going to be attracted to that.

“Also, yesterday was the new moon. The new moon is when the moon conjuncts the sun—it’s between the sun and us—and what that is is the beginning of a cycle. It’s opening that door and starting things fresh. So the beginning of the moon cycle is a good day to be reborn.

“Oh wow, and on Valentine’s Day, the moon will be conjuncting your sun. The moon will be in Gemini on Valentine’s Day, so the emotional presence will be there. The moon is more goddess energy and the sun is more god energy, so we have the more subtle, intuitive energy touching upon your soul purpose, your king sense. That’ll be a good day. Because the moon will be touching your sun. That’ll only be for Geminis. On Valentine’s Day, the moon will be cruising across Gemini. It’ll be affecting everyone somewhere but specific to Geminis, it’ll be a good day.”

Magic 8-Ball™ Inanimate object

Q: What are my prospects for love?

A: “Most likely.” Internet search engine

Q: What are my prospects for love?

A: “I have answers to the following questions: “Am I in love? “What is love? “How can I send a virtual romantic post card to my beloved? “Where can I find the fun Web site Love Calculator? “Where can I buy romantic gifts online?


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