Total Combined Weight/Juveniles 7-inch 

Two of Missoula's finest, Juveniles and Total Combined Weight, have joined forces on this 7-inch split record. There doesn't appear to be any label involved. Instead, it's a case of some band guys just saying, "Let's do this!" and making it happen, a punk rock aesthetic that extends onto the grooves themselves. The handcrafted and photocopied insert is perfection; TCW's shout-out to "the Total Combined Wives & TCW Children's Auxiliary" made me smile.

Each band claims a side of the album and seeds it with dual compositions of speedy rock. These are punk-based tunes that come in fast, hit hard and leave. There are more similarities in the bands than differences, and those are subtle. TCW might be just a little meaner sounding, but if you're into the Black Flags and DRIs of the world this record will suit you fine, either side. There's no "this is what you should do" pretension in the lyrics either, which punk often careens into. It's just a pack of musicians who have been around the block a time or two, like to play loud and yell and realized that just because you know more than three chords, it doesn't mean you have to play them.

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