Street Talk: your civil liberties and you 

Asked Friday afternoon on the Hip Strip

Q: The ACLU has recently come under fire from the left for defending white nationalists' First Amendment rights ahead of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. What do you think of the ACLU's action in that case? Follow-up: What do you think is the greatest threat to civil liberties in this country right now?

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Keenan Ridgway: I think that civil liberties are important, but when it comes to defending the civil liberties of people whose sole goal is to limit the civil liberties of others, you really need to think carefully about it. The sound of silence: People not willing to speak up, not necessarily against the ACLU or conservative policies, but for themselves.

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Marianne Vigeland: The ACLU took the right stance without understanding what would happen in the course of the protest. I'm never in favor of violence. Flip the question: Can I switch that around and say what is the most powerful thing we have to defend civil liberties? That would be the Montana Declaration of Rights.

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Drew Strummer: They went to bat for the Nazis, and that's not good. Big brother: I guess the slippery slope to totalitarianism through fear-mongering, scaring us into always doubting our government, into being quiet.

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Kylie Hoedel: I don't support the protest at all ... but the ACLU's mission is to defend free speech, and if they hadn't defended those rights, that would have been against their mission. The man in charge: Donald Trump. Hands down. And that's not just based on who he is as a person, but the laws he's tried to pass.

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Cory Beattie: If it's the civil liberties union, they should be defending civil liberties. But if in the aftermath if they defended the protesters' rights, that would have gone against their mission. Another for the Trumpkin: Donald Trump. He represents a rotten part of American culture that's dying, and there's no need to support that culture anymore.

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