Spiritual Boone 

Open to Closure finds its strength from the Big Guy upstairs

Anyone listening to Open to Closure’s Someday album for the first time can be excused for not knowing right away on the opening track whether David Boone is singing to God or a girlfriend: “It feels like a dream to me/Every time I see your face I open up my heart again.” The second half of the song, “Cleft in the Rock,” clears it up in a hurry: “Though the world mocks and scorns me/The cares of the world try to hold me/Though the wolves try to kill me/I won’t let go ‘cause you are with me.”

And the second song on the CD, “Willows,” is even more unequivocal: “I found peace beneath the willow trees/You died on Cavalry/For a lonely beggar wretch like me.” Having come this far, and having glanced at the liner notes (“Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to do this album for you. Thanks for the gifts.”), the listener might be surprised indeed to learn that Boone does not consider Open to Closure a Christian band. Nor, even more intriguingly, does he consider himself a religious individual. Or so I find out when I reach him at his motel home at midnight on a Monday.

“I was raised in the Christian church my whole life,” Boone explains, “But I have a lot of different views than...”

He hesitates. “I wouldn’t consider myself a religious person,” he continues. “I would say that religion changes your lifestyle, God changes your life. That’s my personal view. I look at God more as a personal relationship.”

Right on, I tell him. Who wants to go around trembling in lousy repentance and cowering before a God who looks like an angry Denver Pyle? I much prefer—and I don’t think I’m in the minority, here—the idea of a God you can bro out with, who won’t start chucking lightning bolts if you sneak a peek at the latest Playboy. And, above all, who won’t get His undies in a bundle if you aren’t forever hogging the hotline telling Him how great you think He is. We’re here to help our fellow man, not punch the clock.

And right on, Boone tells me after I’ve more or less said as much.

“I’d say spiritual is a better way to put it,” he ventures, adding that a few years ago he was diagnosed with severe bipolar disorder, and that his faith has gotten him through more than a few rough patches. “People have asked if this is a Christian band and I say, ‘Well, if that means He made my hands to play and my mouth to sing then yeah, I guess I’ll give him the credential.’ I mean, I’ll be honest with you: I love God. It’s the most real element in my life, in my music and in my heart. I’ve gone through some intense, intense things in my life, and when the whole world fails me I know God is there. Faith is something you cannot see. It’s just there. It’s not your suit and tie and this many scripture verses memorized every day.

“I believe every good and perfect gift comes from up above,” Boone continues. “I’ve been bedridden for 10 months before. I’m very grateful that I get to play music at all. Ever. That’s an awesome gift.”

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