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Fresh faces, competitive races fill our 2013 Missoula election endorsements

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Ward 5

Annelise Noelle Hedahl,

David “Doc” Moore

Annelise Noelle Hedahl isn’t shy about the fact she never really had political aspirations before filing in Ward 5 this year. The notion of running for office first dawned on her during the city’s discussion about shutting down Fire Station No. 5 on Lower Miller Creek Road—an issue she knew intimately given her husband’s career as a city fireman. She’s not terribly concerned about critics of her candidacy either. “With me,” she says, “you get what you get.”

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In Hedahl’s case, what Missoula would get is the business-savvy product of a military family, a local since childhood and a former membership coordinator for the Missoula Building Industry Association. She’s a young mother, professional advertising salesperson and a self-proclaimed “Republicrat.” Hedahl speaks her mind. She’d like to see a municipal fuel tax to bolster the general budget, as unpopular as that might be, and she supports the idea of Missoula purchasing Mountain Water so long as “we consider everything, and it’s very well calculated.” Hedahl doesn’t run from discussions that could turn heated. In fact, she encourages them.

Can we say as much for her opponent, David “Doc” Moore? The state legislator is certainly not the breed of candidate who attracts single-issue voters. He’s a registered Republican who landed an endorsement from Planned Parenthood during his legislative campaign. He also made waves in his first session in Helena, sponsoring a successful measure to roll marijuana into the state DUI laws.

The problem is that, as a Ward 5 candidate, Moore’s been a no-show. He admits he only filed for the race to “give voters a choice.” He has hardly campaigned and doesn’t seem interested in winning. In fact, if not for a nasty concussion he suffered near the end of the legislative session, Moore says he would have preferred to run for mayor.

Moore believes the mere presence of his name on the ballot has actually helped Hedahl by forcing her to run a campaign, thus making her a stronger candidate. It seems odd that a politician would boast about strengthening an opponent’s campaign. And Moore’s cavalier approach to this race is discomforting to say the least. Thankfully Hedahl isn’t just the other choice. She’s a solid candidate who deserves the chance to serve on council.

Endorsement: Annelise Noelle Hedahl

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