Certain forms of music are like sex: fun to make yourself with your friends, but significantly less fun to watch. Noise rock is one such form. As with sex, the fun of watching noise rock depends heavily on how into it the performers seem to be. Loud, thumping and notoriously willing to exchange fluid, New York's K-Holes are totally into it. Their latest LP, Dismania, is a nihilistic half-hour experiment in turning experience into form. Arching and hoarse, taut and ragged by turn, it is a reminder that how you do music is ultimately more important than what. There are only so many positions, after all.

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In that spirit, K-Holes—which includes Jack Hines, formerly of the Black Lips—offers a charismatic take on familiar music. Dismania sounds like a surf-reverb birthday party, and it is not particularly striking on its own. The rough edges and occasionally manic rhythms offer a clue, however, to K-Holes' famously intense live show. Dismania documents the kind of music that should be experienced, not heard, and it stands in relation to K-Holes as an old copy of Penthouse relates to a date. You can get the basic idea, but it's better to go get all sweaty and exhausted yourself.

K-Holes play the VFW Tuesday, June 19, at 9 PM, with the Velcro Kicks and Needlecraft. $3–$5.

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