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To: Diehard Griz fan

Griz knit kits

When the temp inside Washington-Grizzly Stadium starts to dip at the tail end of football season, it's the longtime devotees—not the fair-weather crowds—chanting "First down, Montana!" And odds are at least one of those cold-braving souls is on your Christmas list. Fortunately Camas Creek Yarn in Kalispell has the only line of officially licensed Griz Knit Kits to solve your holiday gift quandary. Keep your beer-guzzling bud or fashion-savvy gal warm with a maroon and silver beanie—if you've got the stones or the skills to take a crack at knitting, that is. Feeling real cocky about your needlework? Throw in a pair of Griz mittens to match. They might not ensure a Griz victory over the Bobcats next year, but at least your favorite fan won't be left entirely in the cold.

$25.95 for the Griz beanie knit kit. $35.95 for the Griz mittens knit kit. Both available online at


To: Obsessive Big Lebowski fan

The Dude Sweater

The Territory Ahead offers a "classically comfy cardigan" modeled after the one Jeff Bridges famously lounged around in as Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski in Joel and Ethan Coen's classic The Big Lebowski. The 100 percent lambs wool sweater isn't an exact replica—The Dude's, after all, was pretty ratty—but it does sport the same "easy fit," "chunky ribs" and "natural tones" as the original. Oh, and there's a sweet thunderbird on the back. More importantly, the catalog description specifies the cardigan "pairs exceptionally well with White Russians and discursive conversation." To paraphrase a line from the film, this sweater could really tie a fan's look together.

$129. Available at


To: Future Rollergirl

Carpet skates

Few organizations made as large an impact in Missoula this year as the Hellgate Rollergirls. The DIY roller derby league dominated headlines—from the Indy to Mamalode—and now counts more than 50 full-time "butt-kickin', tights-wearing', roller-skatin' Missoula ladies" as members.

Help cultivate the next generation of rollergirls with these lightweight (9.2 ounces), wheel-less plastic "skates." Designed for indoor use, they slide right over shoes and attach with a Velcro strap. At the most rudimentary level, carpet skates allow you to glide across the living room rug like you're gliding around a derby rink.

Be warned: Carpet skating is also morphing into an extreme sport, growing a following of bored office workers and daring college kids who perform jumps over cardboard boxes and fly down staircases covered with flattened plastic tables. It seems carpet skating, like roller derby, isn't for the faint of heart.

$9.98 and up. Available at various online retailers, including


To: Whirling dervishes

Jam Band Setlist Pad

Brah, it's like wicked hard to remember stuff when you're busy tripping out at a Phish show, or a Slightly Stoopid bash, or even catching Slanky at the Top Hat. This pocket-sized tour journal, available from the kind buds at Phish's Dry Goods online store, helps you "keep track of setlists, show no., directions to your hotel, or anything else you want to be able to remember the next morning." Totally. In fact, that reminds us of this one time, at Great Woods in Massachusetts, right after an epic Stonehenge set, when we got lost in the parking lot with some folks selling fatty veggie burritos and...wait, what were we talking about?

$6. Proceeds go to Phish's WaterWheel Foundation, which raises funds for a pre-selected nonprofit in each community the band visits while on tour. Available at


To: Frustrated hunter

Recycled Cardboard Deer Head

General hunting season has come and gone, and chances are you know a few camouflage-clad hopefuls now crying into their empty freezers. Help soften the blow of a winter of store-bought beef—or, if you're taking a harsher angle, rub in your loved one's awful aim/poor luck—by offering up this faux mount. Made of recycled cardboard, the deer head would make a relatively artistic addition to any trophy wall.

$28–$58, depending on size. Available at


To: Gun nut in training

N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25

Nothing screams "right to bear arms" like a little backyard battle among the neighbor kids. But every parent knows your kid needs the biggest and the best armament possible to make the final stand. We're guessing that's why Nerf offers a battery-operated, belt-fed automatic machine gun with collapsible tripod—the aptly named N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25. This puppy can empty 25 darts on next-door enemy factions in five seconds flat, making even the latest Super Soaker model look like a toddler's bath toy. Patriots young and old need to be ready to defend their own. And whether it's the bully down the block or the big bad federal gov'ment, the Vulcan will strike fear into anyone looking to stomp on a kid's God-given gun-toting freedoms.

$39.99. Available at Wal-Mart, 4000 Brooks Street or 3555 Mullan Road.


To: Slave to fashion

Custom cowboy boots

Slaves to fashion, above all, fear being ordinary. There's nothing humdrum about alligator-, kangaroo- or elephant-skin cowboy boots custom made to fit. That's why we'd happily throw down a chunk of cash to Bad Dog Custom Boots in Whitehall. Proprietor Kay Cook lovingly designs the footwear to fit your fashionista's arches, ankles and delicate little toes, while also meeting your specifications on sole thickness, color and how the footwear tapers at the tip. You can even have the boot monogrammed with your stylish recipient's initials.

$1,000 and up. Available from Bad Dog Custom Boots, 32 Toll Mountain Road, in Whitehall. Visit or call 406-494-7967.


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