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Why Montanans should back the Pack

Now, it's understandable why -- with geographical proximity, mountain-state affiliation -- there are more than a few Bronco fans in the Big Sky state.

But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, there are several big reasons why it shouldn't be.

Sure, the Broncos veteran QB John Elway is the sentimental favorite. But sentiment doesn't do you a damn bit of good when the best defensive end in the history of the game is coming like a steam train, and you've got to eat leather because all your receivers are covered.

And as good as Elway still is, he has never done (in three tries) what his Packer counterpart Brett Favre has done (in one try) -- get fitted for a Super Bowl ring. So being a Packer fan will most likely spare you a great deal of grief this Sunday. And the good news is, as a Montanan of free will, you have legitimate reasons to favor the Packers over the Broncos:

1) The Packers will crush the Broncos in the Super Bowl. First off, forget about the point spread, which is completely irrelevant except to sports bettors, those sick bastards for whom the battle for global football supremacy isn't gratifying enough. A victory in this game is a glorious triumph. A defeat -- no matter the margin -- is a gut-ripping failure.

The Packers will win because they are the better team. With the exception of running back, the Pack players are equal or superior to the Broncos in every facet of the game.

Defensive coordinator Fritz Shurmur has this unit peaking at precisely the right time, and as the old saying goes: Defense wins championships. The Packer D has been brutalizing opposing offenses ever since the embarrassment at Indianapolis eight games ago. The Bronco defense has also been impressive, especially in the playoffs. But none of their post-season foes had a quarterback with the proven ability to win the big game.

And as the last 14 Super Bowls have shown, a good AFC defense doesn't necessarily translate into a championship defense.

Barring a deluge of turnovers, the only solid chance the Broncs have comes from a monstrous game by Terrell Davis, the NFL's premiere runner between the tackles. The match-up between Davis -- and the interior of the Bronco offensive line -- and Packer defensive tackle Gilbert Brown will be a huge one. Huge as in Brown, the 350-plus pounder who snacks on running backs like he does the Gilbert Burger, a Green Bay delicacy.

Of course, you can't decide to be a Packer fan simply because the Packers are going to win. Then you'd be like many of those pansy-ass 49er fans.

2) Montana is much more like Green Bay than Denver.

I grew up in Wisconsin and spent four years in the Denver area, so I've got a pretty good handle on both places.

If you enjoy the Montana lifestyle and were forced to move, you'd feel way more comfortable in Green Bay than Denver. A typical Green Bay resident puts in an honest day's work and then goes out to a local tavern for a few (okay, sometimes more) drinks and maybe a Friday Night Fish Fry.

A typical Denver resident tries to get through the day without getting crushed by the oppressive horde of millions, goes out to a club and machine-guns down random people in a disgruntled-postal-worker-like frenzy.

People in Green Bay hunt and fish with the same fervor and respect that Montanans do. In fact, the stands at Lambeau Field are peppered with blaze-orange attire on game day because many cheeseheads buy their warmest clothes for hunting season. People in Denver would never dream of wearing their Bronco clothes while going after a six-point buck.

And the new duds sported by the Broncos, well, they're reason enough not to root for them. Who wants to see 53 walking Nike billboards accepting the Lombardi Trophy? Vince would spin like a top in his grave. Maybe that's the best reason of all to pull for the Packers, because the ghost of the man for whom the Super Bowl trophy is named is doing it too.

Repent, Bronco fans, for the end is near. Go Pack.

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