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More than 40 last-minute ideas to help you carry the weight of the holidays

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The Dammit Doll, $11.99, Rockin Rudy’s, 237 Blaine St.

The Dammit Doll, aka “the original stress doll,” has long legs and looks a bit like Gumby in a floral pattern. The doll’s unremarkable appearance makes it easier to beat it up. After all, that’s the whole point of The Dammit Doll. As a poem on the doll’s chest says, “Whenever things don’t go well and you want to hit the wall and yell...Just grab it firmly by the legs and find a place to slam it and as you whack the stuffing out, yell dammit, dammit, dammit.”


Laptop sleeve, $45, Green Light Apparel & Décor, 301 N. Higgins Ave.

Regardless of where you work, your boss is likely the type who totes around a laptop. Help the big cheese help the environment by wrapping that computer in a sleeve made from a recycled bike tube. It should be enough to fend off coffee spills.


Hugger Mugger Yoga Exercise Ball, $25, REI, 3275 N. Reserve St.

Like any hard-working, office-bound person, your boss probably spends a lot of time sitting hunched over a computer. Sitting on a yoga ball rather than a normal chair will improve posture while working the abs. Your boss may not appreciate the big pastel-colored ball at first, but after a few months of building a stable core, the gratitude will pour in.


Best Choice

Webster’s Dictionary with glass flask, $99.95,

Let’s say the head honcho’s favorite things are drinking and spouting off four-dollar words. If those two habits had a baby, it would be the Webster’s Dictionary that secretly conceals a 250-milliliter swing-top glass flask imported from Italy. If this doesn’t get you a raise, nothing will.


But wait, there’s more!

Still need ideas? Here are seven other gift suggestions

Montana license plate coozie, $16, Upcycled, 517 S. Higgins Ave.

Whether you’re tailgating or campfire-side, a coozie is essential party equipment for keeping your beer cold. Booze in Big Sky-style with this insulated coozie made from a Montana license plate.

Organic doorbell ringers, $34–$36, 4 Ravens Gallery, 248 N. Higgins Ave.

You’ve probably switched over to organic materials in every realm except for one: your doorbell. Slate artist Justin Stewart of Ardósia Stonecraft makes iron slate doorbells sourced from the Flathead—which means they’re each unique—and trimmed in your choice of gold or silver. Ding dong!


Boobie Dodgeball, $16.95, Fantasy for Adults Only, 210 E. Main St.

The Boobie Dodge Ball looks like, well, a boobie. It’s a squishy breast complete with a faux nipple that one can throw at friends and foes. The folks at Fantasy say this item is very popular among the college crowd, making it an ideal gift for your favorite frat brother.


Full-body bibs, $25, Green Light Apparel & Home Décor, 301 N. Higgins Ave.

No one likes to clean up after the baby. Full-body bibs are handmade by Robin Clason of Robin’s Nest out of Lolo. They’re made to look super cute and hip with mushroom and bird designs, but they’re as practical as a suit of armor was back in medieval times, shielding your child from a self-inflicted assault of sauces and squashed vegetables.

Piperoid, $16.99, Rockin Rudy’s, 237 Blaine St.

Everyone’s desk needs a little flair. These bizarre creatures, made from nothing more than rolled up paper, are just the kind of goofy, artsy kitsch to liven up a boring office and spark jealousy in nearby cubicles.

Handmade sock monkey, $55, Selvedge Studio, 509 S. Higgins Ave.

Sometimes the best gifts are the goofiest, and odds are even the person who has everything still doesn’t have a sock monkey. The owners of Selvedge Studio make these little guys from scratch, right down to the frizzy hair and tiny vests.

Best Choice

Alaskan Essence Animal Spray, $17.90, Meadowsweet Herbs, 180 S. Third St. W.

This soothing spray contains, among other things, chamomile essential oil and “Essence of Environment.” How exactly does one capture the essence of an environment? Well, according to the product’s website, they identify an element or characteristic in the environment and extend a message of love to it. They then ask for the energy from the element to be transferred into a prepared bowl of water. Water from this bowl is put into the animal spray to promote a calming energy for your pet.


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