Fresh Facts 

A reintroduction to the first "R"

Earnest Indy writers welcome students back

The beginning of school after lazy, hazy summer is always a shock. By now, you've hopefully paid your fees, bought your books, found a place to live, some food to eat and a tavern or two to frequent.

Maybe the first days of school have brought a potential mate on to your radar screen, and you've begun squirreling away ducats against future dates. And if all, or just some, of that has come to pass, you're probably glad that this newsprint you're holding is free.

Well, boy howdy, we at the Independent are very happy to provide this copy of Fresh Facts '97, our back-to-school special at no cost to you. So never say we haven't done anything for you.

Fresh Facts '97 contains breezy, informative copy on subjects ranging from fashion to sexually-transmitted diseases. If this fall's college sojourn marks your first voyage out from the parental homestead, please take all this data to heart. If you're an old Montana hand (or, heaven forbid, a native), well, just sit back and enjoy.

Fresh Facts is here to help you adjust-morally, socially, politically, musically, technologically and athletically-and attain a level of Personality Correctness sufficient to make your stay at the University of Montana more enjoyable. Make friends and win popularity by spicing your everyday interactions with tidbits and trivia gleaned from these pages. You won't be sorry!

Our mission-and, flippancy aside, we're very serious about this-at the Independent is to provide a vibrant, informative forum for community news, opinions, culture and politics. We are Western Montana's only alternative newsweekly, a source for both hard-hitting news reporting and comprehensive coverage of arts and entertainment.

Whether Missoula is your home for life or just for a semester, we hope you'll spend some time with us-and take the time to get involved in the local scene and culture, which encompasses both seriousness and a healthy sense of humor in about equal measure.

Enjoy Fresh Facts '97. Read your assignments, do your homework, show up for class, make friends, explore Montana and above all be safe and have fun.

We know you don't really need to be told, but it's good advice, all the same. Here's to a successful year, on campus and off.

In the 1997 Fresh Facts, you'll find:

  • No barricades, just lobbyists. The world of campus politics in the '90s doesn't quite live up to the romantic legends of yore, but there's important action to be had all the same. Andrea Barnett, a veteran of college activism herself, talks with some movers and shakers.
  • Safe and sane experimentation. While party time can be fun, it can also be dangerous.
  • Writing under the Big Sky. Missoula's literary scene is famous, and deservedly so.
  • Hipsters unite! You've gotta look good to feel good, folks, so check out the hot threads documented by Staff Photographer Jeff Powers, a product of UM's School of Journalism.
  • Down with the foe. Reporter Zach Dundas, a UM senior and fan, helps the heathens get religion in a look at football, soccer, volleyball and cross-country.
  • You shook me all night long. Music is the fifth essential food group in any student's life. Rock star and society boy Andy Smetanka offers some aural tips.
  • The haps. A calendar of fall semester's events.
  • Better a bottle in front of me... A worldwind tour of downtown Missoula with your host, Calendar Boy.
  • An inside scoop. You all have to get through English Comp, so you'd best read this sage advice from Susan Minogue, the Independent's own comp instructor.
  • Positively electric. These days, we're all citizens of cyberspace whether we like it or not. So what can you do with your UM 'Net account? An Indy primer.
  • Goin' down the country. Montana's recreation possibilities are nearly endless. Head for the hills!
  • Getting religion. UM's religious community offers seekers a chance to explore spirituality.
  • Where am I? Sure, you've gotten a dozen maps of the campus in the last few days, but none so wry and lovely as this.

Fresh Facts '97 is available free throughout September 1997 in Missoula, or call 406-543-6609.

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