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Catching up with the "Arrested Development" cast

"Arrested Development" fans everywhere rejoiced when it was announced that the entire cast returned to shoot a fourth season. The 15 episodes will all be available at once on Netflix starting May 26. It's been a long seven years since "Arrested Development" aired its third and final season on Fox, but not long enough that jokes about never-nudes and jorts aren't funny. We can't guess whether the new episodes will have the same spark, but we can hope. What has the gang been doing? Is Michael Cera still cute? Here's a brief primer to what the "Arrested Development" cast has been up to.

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Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth)

Bateman's most high-profile project of late was February's Identity Thief, co-starring Melissa McCarthy, which featured a flimsy, drawn-out plot. In the 2011 major summer hit Horrible Bosses, he starred as a guy who joins two buddies in plotting to kill their employers. Still, Bateman always manages to come across as sincere and sympathetic as Michael Bluth.

Michael Cera (George-Michael Bluth)

He's still cute, but still working to overcome being typecast as a lovable dweeb in teen-friendly films like Superbad, Juno and Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. In 2012, he starred in a mostly Spanish-speaking role as a total creep in Sundance thriller Magic Magic. It's great he branched out, but the role still seemed a little off the mark.

Portia de Rossi (Lindsay Bluth Fünke)

Besides being married to Ellen DeGeneres, de Rossi has starred in a few made-for-TV movies lately. She played corporate boss Veronica Palmer in ABC's "Better Off Ted," which was well reviewed but short- lived (2009-2010), and as Olivia Lord in the FX cosmetic surgery drama "Nip/Tuck" (2007-2009). Lindsay Bluth hasn't lost cultural relevancy, though, since throughout the years, Lindsay's "SLUT" T-shirt has provided women (and men) with an easy, hilarious Halloween costume.

David Cross (Tobias Fünke)

Cross has been all over the map in the last 10 years, playing Allen Ginsberg in 2007's trippy Bob Dylan film I'm Not There to voice-acting in 2008's Kung Fu Panda. He also created and stars in the odd but occasionally funny TV comedy series, "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret." But maybe our favorite work of his is the snappy, smart, best-selling essay compilation, I Drink For a Reason, which came out in 2009.

Will Arnett (Gob Bluth)

Arnett has also shown up in all kinds of places, notably as the hilarious Devon Banks in "30 Rock" and in his own parenting sitcom called "Up All Night" opposite Christina Applegate, which was cancelled this month after everyone quit. He and Amy Poehler also crushed a lot of people's belief in love when they divorced after a nine-year marriage last September. Hopefully he won't crush our childhood love of ninja turtles in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, too.

Jeffrey Tambor (George Bluth Sr.)

Tambor's credits include NBC's "Bent" and an upcoming voice appearance as Captain Flarty in "Bob's Burgers" on Fox. He's also appeared in all the Hangover movies, including the upcoming third installment, which will be exciting to your stoner roommates who watched the first one on repeat for three days in a row.

Alia Shawkat (Maeby Fünke)

After her role as Pash in the butt-kicking 2009 derby flick Whip It, Shawkat has mostly stuck to the big screen. She starred as an oddball third-wheel in last year's That's What She Said, a poorly reviewed indie comedy about "girls behaving badly." We're slightly more hopeful about her supporting role in the upcoming comedy The To Do List, which stars Aubrey Plaza as a high school graduate who prepares for college by having sexcapades.

Tony Hale (Buster Bluth)

It's tempting to compare Hale's low-key career to Buster Bluth's mild manners. Hale's roster includes several brief "Law and Order" credits, and his most notable films include appearing with Will Ferrell in 2006's Stranger Than Fiction. He also starred as Sam, a Prince Charming in disguise for a woman with alopecia, in 2010 romantic comedy Happythankyoumoreplease. Despite its atrocious name, it was well reviewed for being quirky and sweet.

Jessica Walter (Lucille Bluth)

Walter has shown up most frequently in TV series, like as Betty Hanadarko in "Saving Grace," which ended in 2010. We think her voice-acting in the sarcastic adult cartoon "Archer" suits her style a little better. It's also worth mentioning that Lucille Bluth reared her head in some of the most biting 2012 election memes about Mitt Romney, like the Lucille and Mitt Tumblr page.

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