Celebrating Brasilience at Imagine Nation Brewing 

What you're drinking: They're calling it Brasilience, which isn't necessarily the easiest portmanteau ever to trip off a tongue, but Jesus Jumping H. Christ the Redeemer on a pogo stick, it's hot out—give your friendly neighborhood portmanteauer a break.

Brasilience is a messily spelled American pale ale, and it is seasonally appropriately refreshing af, and you and I can (and probably should) discuss the essence of its crisp florality until the cows pass out, but it's Imagine Nation's beer, and they dedicate it thusly: "To honor the Brazilians' resilience to celebrate life, even in the midst of political turmoil, this beer is bright on every level."

To what political turmoil do you think they refer? Imagine Nation doesn't say. You'll may have to use your, you know...

If Brasilience sounds and tastes familiar, well, summertime pales are mostly aimed at the same bright targets, taste-wise. If you're in the mood for Eddy Out, for instance, or an Otter Water, you might also like Brasilience, which will be around who-knows-how-long.

  • photo courtesy Imagine Nation Brewing Co.

Why you're drinking it: The near confluence of Brasilience's release and U.S. Independence Day might tempt you to think that there's a confluence of anniversaries at play, not just syllables, but Brazil doesn't celebrate its independence from Portugal until Sept. 7, and by then it might not feel like summer anymore. In the meantime. Resilience and celebration are evergreenly good, right? And we do seem recently to be subject to some sort of political turmoil, do we not? And "bright" fits this beer lightly, almost prettily, like a cotton dress in a warm breeze. Why are you drinking it? Why would you not drink it?

Where you're drinking it: Imagine Nation Brewing, 1151 W Broadway, in the Clark Fork's front yard. There are open-mic acts from 6 to 8 most evenings, and they are likely as not to be good company, and they know how to play with you, not over you, while you converse on the patio, perhaps inhaling a tamale from Tia's, just across the street. Remind us why we ever let summer end, again?

When you're drinking it: Soon, if at all, we reckon.

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