Best Way to Reclaim Your Youth 

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Qwivals Fun Center in Victor serves up plenty of entertaining nonsense—miniature golf, laser tag, Dance Dance Revolution, etc.—but it's their old-school Go-Karts course that catapults old fogies back to the days of yore.

Go-Karts afford those of us already feeling the creaks and groans of our old bones a chance to sit leisurely in a padded car and politely knock our friends into a tailspin. The stress and anger we've built up in our supposedly responsible adult lives? Gone in an instant, as you rev up and ram full force into the person in front of you.

It's not all collisions, of course. There's the actual race, and trying to scoot around the track faster than Danica Patrick. That thrill alone should be enough to forestall any mid-life crisis involving a red sports car. At least for another year or two.

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