Best Waiter/Waitress 

Cheryl Nickey, Jakers

Jakers recently updated its menu, a pretty common occurrence at restaurants as seasons, chefs and trends change. But you know what doesn’t change at Jakers? The calming presence of Cheryl Nickey, the decade-plus server who works this busy bar and grill like the seasoned veteran she is. Even during the restaurant’s most chaotic shifts—think Happy Hour and weekend nights—Nickey maintains the same accommodating and friendly stance that makes a couple feel like they’re the only ones in the joint. What’s even cooler is that Nickey has a freakish ability to remember those she’s waited on before, so the next time that couple comes in chances are she’ll greet them with a smile and a sincere, “Good to see you two again.” Jakers • 3515 Brooks St • 721-1312 • jakers.com/missoula

Finalists, Best Waiter/Waitress

2. Rory Johnson, Burns St. Bistro

3. Carl Sievers, Red Bird

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