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Re: “Culture clash

I still maintain my stance on your brother not having friends and nobody Adores him!... You obviously do, since he is your brother. But the next time you talk to your brother, ask him who are his friends...ask him who he hangs out with.... Clearly Sean Corbett is not his friend. (seriously, forget that this conversation happened or you have a problem with my comments, but just out of the blue, ask your brother what he did and who he hangs out with, and if he has had any true friends, and where he has gotten in school, be more personal about it, go into specifics, trust me he will find it hard to say anything)
Yes all of us have our mistakes, but for your brother's sake, it was Karma.. coming to bite him back after all the stuff that he has done. But even I agree, this punishment is too harsh for him.
I also want to let you know, yes I have faults and I have turnoffs, but I also do have friends who keep me in line, he needs guidance. Maybe someone like you, older and wiser can call him often and check up on him. Just few suggestions.
I really want your brother to win this case, but I highly doubt that will happen. The sexual assault charges are completely stupid, if anything its him that got sexually assualted. The fact that he went to complain the next day about him being violated, and then he was ignored, thats completely crap!... The poor guy tried to press charges!....
And as far as saying in Nigeria homosexuality is a taboo... thats really not a good way going about this ... (even though I know exactly what you mean).. because missoula is a democratic gay loving city, so even suggesting Nigeria its a taboo.. so oops he stood for his manhood and punched a tranny.... its comes off as making an excuse. Do you know what Im saying. But I don't know how else he can defend himself. As far as grades are concerned, your brother has not been doing good in school, he has not been able to keep multiple jobs. He dropped out of classes for an entire semester... and this was prior to the incident. So he clearly didn't have his act together even before. Here is hoping that he gets out of this mess. His punishment should maybe be community service, not jail time.. thats ridiculous!!
As far as my maturity level is concerned, i'm glad that I have your appreciation. But I also recommend you don't vouch for your brother anymore as you may be doing more good than damage, as you may be losing people who are with your brother on this case by your excessive comments. Remember, for the greater good!... This is not about you, its about your brother. This is not about subdueing international students, its solely your brothers case. Not many international students get into trouble. They know they are not from this country, so they know better than to get into crap like this.

Posted by thisworldismessedup on 11/03/2012 at 2:34 PM

Re: “Culture clash

First off sorry if i didn't type your name was from my phone so typing is kind of difficult, but instead of giving me a spellcheck lesson, i suggest you concentrate on more important issues such as vouching for your brother. It is also immature typing in capslock when trying to clarify a point. Also when i meant to say that your brother is 'pro-nigerian", i also followed by saying that that is not a bad thing.. and i'm sticking to it. you didn't have to get defensive...Also the comment you made-"Maybe they are so ashamed, or lack the power to Stand up for the truth."..are you implying that all the members of the ASA are ashamed or lack power.. what about the International Student Association.. do they lack the power or are they ashamed as well.... Well the truth of the matter is... your brother does not have a good reputation in town. He has had many more incidences concerning temper issues around town. You may not be aware of it because he does not tell you anything...obviously he would not want his sister to know the shenanigans he is pulling...the Truth of the matter is.. he has caused a lot of problems in the community...there was an incident about him stalking a girl, another of him fighting with a resident, etc (and many more prior to the transgender incident) If you have no idea what i'm talking about, please go ask your brother. He is socially awkward! So stop trying to paint your brother as an innocent little boy that the community adores!
However, i do feel that the whole transgender issue was messed up. Things went a little too far. The tranny should have come clean about having a penis.
I agree with what you said except on the part about your brother being respected person in the community. Other than that I am fully on your side in this article.

Posted by thisworldismessedup on 11/03/2012 at 12:07 AM

Re: “Culture clash

This is silly

Posted by thisworldismessedup on 11/02/2012 at 1:12 PM

Re: “Culture clash

Also the fact that Miss. Udorim writes that her brother Mr. Obioha is a kind, respectful, truthful young man is not entirely true , he is truthful yea, kind and respectful not entirely true. He does not have a good name in the Missoula community even prior to the event, most of the members of the African student association have a problem with him, He is extremely pro-Nigerian, which is not a bad quality at all but he has a problem with the way America functions..if you ask anybody in the Missoula community on what they think or Obi they probably wouldn't have good things to say. However, I do feel this case against him is kind of bullshit.

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Posted by thisworldismessedup on 11/01/2012 at 4:45 PM

Re: “Culture clash

And just so everyone knows .. Miss. Udorim Obwubiko is the sister of Mr.Obioha Obwubiko. That's the relationship. That does not Make the article any less or any more worthy. That's just the fact. Even though that's not the point, it makes it seem like miss. Udorim is trying to hide the fact that she is not related to Mr. Obioha is anyway.

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Posted by thisworldismessedup on 11/01/2012 at 4:36 PM

Re: “Culture clash

Also while Mr. Obionwa and Mr. Green were making out outside the club, at what point did Mr/miss green realize that he/she was not comfortable with making out with mr Obi ? Seems like she felt uncomfortable as soon as Mr. Obi touched her crotch. How was it that she had no problem until this happened, was she not proud of being a transgender ??? Well this is a biased opinion obviously coz I'm writing it.. The transgender doesn't seem like she is entirely proud of her transgenderness yet.. Coz The moment she knew Obi realized she was biologically a man, he/she could have just said .. Hey is this a problem .. Instead of running away after she
had had her way with Mr. Obi

Posted by thisworldismessedup on 11/01/2012 at 4:16 PM

Re: “Culture clash

One thing I don't get it why this article is written on behalf of those who are subdued in the US.. I think this should just be a Mr. Onwubiko against Mr. Trangender case. It makes it sound like black people are being oppressed or as a matter of fact any other community. Also why is this is a university matter as it didn't happen on the campus?? What Mr Onwubiko did wrong was to punch the guy in the eye. This is not Nigeria, it's a different country, with different laws, which you need to abide by. Why has the African student association not helping Mr. Obioha out with any of this, unless they think he is not worth fighting for either.

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Posted by thisworldismessedup on 11/01/2012 at 4:08 PM

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