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Re: “Culture clash

well Obi was deceived, in fact green was the one who sexually assaulted obi. What OBI is guilty of is physically assaulting her by punching her eye.

@ thisworldismessedup, thanks for remaining logical. i am a reasonable person, and so i can see where you are coming from but you have to remember that we all have our faults. If someone is really emotional and sensitive to what others do, it takes time and lessons to finally learn how to manage it.
About the ASA and ISA, they are not weak, in fact they are powerful and have very amazing members.
However me saying maybe, they are weak, is just a suggestion which any other person would wonder of when thinking of a reason why they do nothing in this case. However this happened off campus and i get an impression that they are trying to be careful not to mesh into it. Also as for the ASA, something is coming, you just wait to see.

But, i hope i did not offend you by my previous writing, i just felt like you were saying: oh people don't like him, and i wanted to make it very clear that he has friends, and people who adore him. Do you think everybody likes you? or you want to tell me you have no faults that are turnoffs?
As for me putting letters in caps in the middle of sentences, that is my way of stressing words that i want to draw attention to, not that i don't know what i am doing...... ok? So mr/literature/ creative writing major, i am very aware that capital letters don't go in the middle of sentences.

However thanks for the calm reply, that did prove some more maturity, and i appreciate it.
I am also happy that you apologized for killing my name by spelling it wrongly, i felt very offended initially. LETS KEEP IT REAL. Peaceout!

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Posted by Udodirim Onwubiko on 11/03/2012 at 11:38 AM

Re: “Culture clash

@ SHADOW, like i said, this story is written on behalf of all international students who have been subdued here in the United States, and for all those who believe in the truth and in righteousness.
This is not written because of any relationship WHATSOEVER, so let me make that point very TRANSPARENT. THANK YOU

BY THE WAY I THINK JESSICA MYRER DID NOT DO A GOOD JOB TELLING THIS STORY WHICH says the "OTHER SIDE" , there are a lot of Biased STATEMENTS that give an insight to any smart person, which clearly shows whose side she is on. ANYWAY, LIGHT WILL ALWAYS OVERCOME DARKNESS.

Posted by Udodirim Onwubiko on 11/01/2012 at 11:36 AM

Re: “Culture clash

Transgender Anita Green; a Man’s deceitful effort and conspiracy to rape and ruin a UM foreign student-
By Udo -former president, ASA University of Montana

I am writing this article on behalf of all international students who have been subdued and restrained from standing up for their rights.
I am also writing this to inform everyone who has been following the case behind sexual assault charges being placed on Obioha Onwubiko, of the unheard side of the story with a few specific details that have been kept secret by Anita Green.
Anita Green tells you he met Obi at the elks club and was introduced by a friend, but notice that they avoid mentioning who this ‘friend’ is. Well it turns out, that this person is the root cause of all of the mishap that further occurred on the night of April 28 2012 and his name is Sean Corbett.
Sean is a student at the U of M, who is very enthusiastic and loves meeting international students or at least that is what I thought of Sean, when I first met him. I met Sean through one of international events hosted on campus, and have known him for more than 2 years now. Our victim today “Obioha” also met Sean via one of those events.
Sean is not ignorant, he certainly knows a lot about cultural biases, and he was a close friend to both parties before this event occurred. Being aware of the underlying differences between the two individuals whom he introduced, why did Sean avoid mentioning the differences prior to or when introducing them? Is that not what a true friend you trusted would do? I don’t know about you, but I think Sean is the American who tries to be so welcoming and understanding, about foreign culture, yet deceitful.
The second thing which you have not heard of yet is the fact that Anita Green was intoxicated at the time of the event. According to Obioha Onwubiko’s words- when she was biting on my lips and forcefully sticking her tongue in my mouth, I could taste alcohol in her mouth and smell it in her breadth. This means that there is a possibility that she is just not telling the whole and truthful story of what happened.
The truth of the matter is that Obioha never sexually assaulted Anita Green. Mr. Anita Green’s Attorney Pat Sandefuer stated this in the missoulan papers on 9/27 “This goes all the way back to (the stereotypical rape defense of) ‘Her miniskirt is too short, so she invited it.’ ... This is outrageous. She invited it”? I think they have certainly missed the entire point. This is not about who invited what, in fact it is not even an issue. This is about what happened that night. Obioha was certainly not interested, and he made it clear to her. Miss/Mr Anita Green knows fully well that he was not sexually assaulted.
Obioha got permission from Green, to do everything that he did that night except for hitting her, which he did out of anger resulting from confusion and a feeling of betrayal. Now here is a recap of what happened: Sean Corbett introduced Obi and Anita, without caring to let each other know of their differences, Anita not mentioning anything about herself, started rubbing and grinding viciously on Obioha, kissing and biting his lips, grabbing his penis, and rubbing his trousers to feel him up, it got too uncomfortable and Obioha told her to stop, but the music was too loud to hear, so Obioha suggested going across the street where he politely told her to stop molesting him and rubbing herself shamelessly on him, Anita then walked towards him aggressively like a man stating in quotes “i makes the rules”, Obioha finding that Anita Green sounded masculine was curious and wanted to device a polite way to discover if indeed his assumption was correct. He then asked Green if he could touch her abdomen, which Green completely complied, things got a little more close, and of course with the complete consent of Anita Green. Green became alarmed when Obioha found out that she “Miss Anita Green” had an erection, and that the person he thought was a lady, was a man, Green then took off, without any explanation, humiliated by Obioha’s obvious discovery and maybe even feeling some guilt for not letting him know. The violated and culturally shocked Obioha, hit her out of anger, and Green fell. At this point, someone called the police and this someone was Sean Corbett. So I hope you can see why this whole event is a conspiracy. If Sean could call the Police, why did he not inform the two of their differences? You might argue for Sean that he was doing his duty as a friend, but if that is the case, I will also argue that Sean should have informed Obi about the differences between him and Green, given his genuine interest in foreigners.
If there is anything I would advice Obioha on, it would be ‘dude learn to control you emotions’, but again, we are all different. I have known Obi since he was a child, and it has always been something he has struggled with. It is sheer betrayal and his innocence and kindness was taken advantage of by Anita Green and Sean.
Now let me introduce Obioha to you. He is an international student at the U of M, born and raised in a little village in Nigeria, West Africa, where being transgender does not exist and has never been heard of. It is even a cultural taboo in his hometown to be homosexual. Despite this, he has never segregated, or spoke badly of both groups as a result of his simple regard for others and who they are as well as where they come from. Let me re-emphasize again that his reactions were due to the shock and confusion at that specific instant, why was she running away after practically molesting him in the club? . It must have been very difficult for him. If you understand culture and bias, then you would get the point I am making. Furthermore, Obioha is very focused in school, and is very happy to have a privilege to be representing millions of young men in Africa.
Obioha has survived his stay here in Missoula, adjusting to the society, and anyone who truly knows him will tell you that he is a kind, polite, truthful, and very respectful young man. He cannot wait for this case to be over, so that he can get back into his schedule and focus on his school as this event has caused him very many distractions.

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Posted by Udodirim Onwubiko on 10/21/2012 at 1:19 PM

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