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Re: “Get real

Not that the United States Constitution seems to matter anymore:
Article One, Section 8, Clause 17, offers the only provision in the Federal Constitution for federal ownership of land. It provides for the creation of Washington, D.C. as the seat of the federal government and allows the federal government to purchase lands in a state with “...the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings.”
Every other case of the US government owning land has been done outside of the Constitution. And in case you want to quote US Supreme Court rulings, keep in mind that the Supreme Court can and does issue opinions, but they cannot change the Constitution. Only an amendment to the Constitution can change the Constitution.

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Posted by Longbow on 02/04/2016 at 2:35 PM

Re: “To serve and deflect

Sorry Joe, err I mean Crighthroughu. Obviously, as a cop in Lake County you would like to just dismiss this whole report. Nice try, but just look at the "Companion Reader" link at the end of the article. You guys are no longer going to be able to just shout, "there is nothing here to see, move along." That has worked for decades in lake county, but thanks to the determination of the Missoula Independent and the federal lawsuit, the public now can see the sworn testimony and investigative documents that have become public record. Even if the federal RICO suit is not allowed to proceed, the "Lake County Five" have won by making hundreds of pages of investigations public. I believe this was their goal from the start.
One thing to add to the statements of Clay Coker; Mitch Young released these entire investigations to Polson Chief Wade Nash. This was done while Nash was a suspect in the investigations. That sounds like obstruction of justice to me. Nash and Anderson admit contacting a potential witness in the poaching investigation at about 1 AM and grilling her about who she was giving information to about the Coyote Club. The potential witness stated she was scared to death by the series of calls. Is it any wonder then that when POST investigator Coker returned a couple of years later (after those suspected of being involved in the Coyote Club had then risen to sheriff and chief of police), that no one wanted to cooperate. Given that Nash is known to make late night calls to people he believed had information about his hunting habits, I am not surprised that witnesses became hard to find. Also Bowen had been forbidden to assist POST by his superiors, thus further hamstringing the success to the POST investigator.
If you doubt what I have said, look the documents posted on line. If you still feel this is only "a rag" Joe, then you better look in the mirror to see the definition of "slanted and biased".

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Posted by Longbow on 07/30/2013 at 8:35 PM

Re: “Lake County's Steve Kendley won't go away

"Really", you do not know what you are talking about, or you are a liar. The letter that was written by Sheriff Doyle, and served to Kendley, stated that "there are no reasonable accommodations that can be made". I have seen that letter. Kendley then filed a grievance, in an attempt to keep his job. The accommodation that he asked for was reinstatement to the detective unit, that he be allowed to shoot a smaller (ie. 9mm) sidearm with his left hand and respond to hot calls with back-up. He had not even reached "maximum medical improvement" when he received the "separation from employment" letter. He was never offered any other position, although he was removed from the detective unit and transferred to a more physically demanding patrol deputy position while out with his medical injury. He asked if he could help with evidence storage, or with the civil paper process. He offered to assist in case preparation to make sure that cases and calls had all the details required to either prosecute or clear them. He had asked to be allowed to remain on unpaid medical leave while he continued to heal toward maximum medical improvement, but in the end, those requests were denied. You are correct that his doctor cleared him for duty with some limitations, but it was the sheriff who would not make any reasonable accommodation for his duty related disability.

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Posted by Longbow on 10/27/2012 at 10:47 AM

Re: “Lake County Undersheriff Karey Reynolds resigns

"...I have decided that I am not comfortable continuing in a job where I would have to acquire my skills at taxpayer expense."
What a load of horse pucky! Reynolds has siphoned off close to $20,000 of tax payer dollars just to feather his education in the 12 months he has been employed. He attended one of the most sought after schools earlier last spring when he attended the 160 hour Leadership Academy at the Montanan Law Enforcement Academy (MLEA). He received other special training following the Leadership Academy. Next, he spent the last three months of 2011 attending the Peace Officer Basic Academy, again at MLEA and then Coroner Basic at MLEA. He has taken the tax payers money for an education and within weeks of graduating, he now says, "...I knew that I was the best man for the job..." and now, "I am not comfortable continuing in a job where I would have to acquire my skills at taxpayer expense." Reynolds has had no problem taking taxpayer money to get skills that he did not have, but said he did have during the 2010 election. The DOJ investigation should go forward. The search warrant that he signed, stating he has 20 years of law enforcement experience is public record. Unless watching COPS on TV for 20 years is allowed to pass for "many years of law enforcement experience", specifically the 20 years which he stated he had, then he should pay a price for lying under oath. In fact the crime is a felony. This is the worst type of lie for a peace officer to make- one to obtain a search warrant- it should scare us all if this is allowed!
"Rumors of officer wrongdoing continue to be rehashed despite the fact that the election is long past..." This should serve as a clue that the allegations brought up during the election were not mere "political mudslinging". If that were true, they WOULD have stopped with the election. He states, "I am greatly saddened to see that the reputations of the outstanding men and women who protect and serve the people of Lake County have been damaged through the spiteful mud-slinging of an unhappy minority..." Wake up citizens and honest officers. Do not be misled by this attempt to vilify the few officers standing in the gap to hold those responsible for misconduct accountable. This is an unabashed attempt to steer public and officer outcry against those attempting to bravely stand up to misconduct. The reputations of the outstanding men and women who protect and serve the people of Lake County are being tarnished by those lying and breaking the law, while carrying a badge and operating under the shield of being law enforcement officers. The bad cops are the ones tarnishing the honest cop’s reputations and there should be no confusion about it.

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Posted by Longbow on 01/27/2012 at 6:04 PM

Re: “Above the law

I would like to address Lori Trogden.
First I admire your sincerity because you appear to have posted under your real name. This shows an innocent trusting character that is so often absent in these anonymous internet postings. Next I want to tell you that I believe you are a victim. I believe you are a victim of the manipulative ability of these men who truly have a great ability to be convincing. These people have the ability to make you feel like they are the nicest people in the world. If I did not know the deeds they have done first hand, I too could think these guys are the cream of the crop...but I do know and that scares the s#it out me me. They can come into a room and make you feel like you are their best friend. Don't believe it! It's like being taken in by the devil. Thay exhibit sociopathic like behavior. Please look at the profile of a sociopath:
This is going to be hard to accept, but imagine that what you have been told these last two years is false. I think you have likely had at least some personal contact with these manipulative and conning men and quite likely you and your loved ones have been surrounded by either them, or those they have persuaded, that they are innocent. They have portrayed themselves as victims of these; "mean spirited,dirty mud slinging,malcontents,hateful,mayhem thriving,troublemakers". They have told you and your loved ones that, "everything has been investigated and no action has been taken."
Justice is painfully slow, but if you read this article, you know in your heart that the truth is, everything is being investigated, and slowly action is beginning to be taken. The lies during the sheriff's campaign were told by some of the advisers to Doyle. Barron, Duryee, VanMeter, Matson and others lied. Doyle also lied. I do not say this lightly and I know that if I am lying with this statement, I open myself to a libel lawsuit. I would not loose any such lawsuit, because I can back up what I say with black and white documents- public documents and with witnesses. if I were taken to court, these men would have these lies proved on stage for all the world to see. No, they will grumble, but they will not risk more than that.
Lori, keep an open mind. The person, or the people these manipulators say have caused all this trouble, have simply held the ethical conviction that peace officers must be honest and they must not lie,cheat or steal. If you are a mother, wouldn't that be what you would tell you child? In our society, we are often are led to attack the messenger. That is a useful tool of the sociopath. Often anger is focused on the people who shine the light on bad behavior, especially if that light rocks our personal situation. This happens to police officers frequently. It is common for the offender to shout at the officer, "You are wrecking my life!" The offender does not see that he has broken the law and he attempts to blame the officer who is pointing out his bad behavior. This is known as a criminal thinking error... It is far easier to look the other way when someone breaks the rules than it is to confront them. BUT, when the referee (in this case the peace officer) breaks the rules, the whole game (in this case free society) is threatened. Men and women who are law officers must be held to the highest standard of ethic behavior. It is a hard line to tow, but there is no other option.
I know there are great officers in the Tribal Law and Order, Polson Police and Lake County Sheriff's Office. I know they are having a hard time right now. They are stinging, with being lumped into the same mold as the lairs. I know the public is angry and some great officers have felt that horrible feeling in their stomach as they feel that unjust wrath on themselves- who have done nothing personally wrong. To those officers and their families I direct you; Look at the few who have brought you to this place. Those selfish few, who have believed it is their right to behave above the law, to take advantage, to trample the whole profession because of their feeling of entitlement to take what is not theirs and behave how they would not allow others to behave. These are the officers on whom you must focus your disgust. The difficulty comes when you have believed them for so long...
Lori, you blame, "...drama queens who won't give it a rest". I submit to you that these are the real brave men. These few who have stood against the fury of the entrenched liers. Remember, All l it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. The sad thing is that in Lake County, for a long time good men have turned a blind eye and allowed evil to triump.
I pray that you and your family and co-workers can break out of the dark hold that has taken your clarity. I sincerely will pray for you and yours.

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Posted by Longbow on 12/02/2011 at 1:17 AM

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