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Re: “Religion

Consent = "Would you rather sit here in Juvenile Hall or go to a beautiful place where you can ride horses, milk cows, go camping and fishing every day of the year?"..... "Uhh....sure."

What Consent Should Be = "Would you rather sit here in Juvenile Hall or go to a place 1,800 miles away from anybody you know, work for free, live under a regime of untrained zealots, and accept that you will have less protection from abuse, less communication with family, and fewer legal rights than a terrorist in Guantanamo Bay or Charles Manson?" .... "Uhh...I'll stay here, thank you."

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Posted by James Mason on 11/01/2012 at 10:46 AM

Re: “Anderson Cooper 360 investigates Pinehaven

Keidre, in response to your statement "As far as James Mason's blogs and claims, he is a fake and seemingly fabricates claims for personal satisfaction"...I ask these questions, which I assume you have no real good answer:

1) What about me is "fake"?
2) What claim have I made that is fabricated, or is not backed up by documented testimony or evidence, especially those that were admitted to by those that inflicted them upon me?
3) How are you capable of knowing the motives of my actions?

Additionally, in regards to your other ignorant statements:

1)Do you have any proof that staff is trained to observe and inquire about any suspicious activity through appropriate channels? I have testimony (by means of legal affidavits) from former houseparents and staff that clearly states that NO training was given in this area, that staff was completely ignorant to their role as mandated reporters, and have documented policy from Pinehaven that outlines all issues should be brought to the administration and "kept inside", rather than the legal mandate to report abusive actions and neglect to law enforcement. In fact, in one case, the administration prevented a houseparent from reporting an attempted suicide, in order to keep that contained. To see this documentation, read the Montana State Code Violation Report and see the affidavits.

2) Regarding Danny Larsson. No, it is not legal for him to be operating as a counselor. He is not licensed, and is not working either under the guidance of a licensed counselor as an intern, but is working within the confines of his own practice. If he is getting paid, it is illegal. The State of Montana requires a) a Master's Degree, b) 3,000 hours of supervised on the job training, and c) passing the State Licensure Exam. If Danny is volunteering, so be it..but where's he getting his money?

3) How was Pinehaven "slandered" through the media? In the CNN Anderson Cooper report, Pinehaven and its supporters was provided with 41% of the airtime, while those with opposing opinions were only given 21%. Nobody put words into their mouths or twisted what they said. Everything that damned them came from their own admissions.

Keidre, I understand that you are friends with people involved with the Ranch, and I respect your opinions, but I would recommend you do a bit of research before you spout off things you don't actually have an understanding of. It's ok to say "I don't know", but when you stake claims upon vague, second-hand information without seeming doing any research, you come across as ignorant, and ultimately - untruthful.

If you would like to discuss the truth regarding what has happened and continues to happen at Pinehaven, including the ACTUAL success statistics of Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch, then I would love the chance to speak with you. Simply send me an email at pinehavenabuse@gmail.com, and we will schedule a time.

Thank you for your input into this conversation.

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Posted by James Mason on 05/21/2012 at 9:31 PM

Re: “Anderson Cooper 360 investigates Pinehaven

Thank you for your continued dedication to the safety of children at Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch. For further information, please visit www.pinehavenabuse.org.

Want to do something about abuse at Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch? Send the Pinehaven Montana State Code Violation Report to the MT Attorney General's Child Justice Center. Visit this site to do it NOW! - visit www.pinehavenabusereport.info

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Posted by James Mason on 03/29/2012 at 2:31 PM

Re: “The runaways

To learn more about what is happening at Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch, visit http://www.pinehavenabuse.blogspot.com/201…

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Posted by James Mason on 12/29/2011 at 4:30 PM

Re: “The runaways

Justice - why is it that those in defense of Pinehaven are so often afraid to reveal their identities? Why the anonymity. Why the coward behavior?

You ask for justice in a court system, yet ignore the systemic problems that prevent such cases from ever being heard. How would you suppose one might provide "evidence" of such crimes if they are not given access to ANY reporting agency? Have you not read the affidavits of former Pinehaven staff who left BECAUSE of the abuse? What more do you want? Bruises? Or maybe some more dead kids?

Read the report at www.pinehavenabusereport.info and send a message to the MT Attorney General since you so badly want this to end up in court. I somehow think that you will not.

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Posted by James Mason on 09/07/2011 at 9:22 PM

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