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Re: “Give wolves a break

To those of you whom believe it is not humans place to impart our reality onto nature. I say, get a grip on reality. Humans have been a factor in nature since we began roaming the earth, it is rather anti-human and very delusional to believe otherwise.

Human are in fact the only predator on this planet that has any chance at all at balancing nature via a scientific based and logical basis. The entire fraud of the 'balance of nature without human input' is perhaps the biggest fraud and lie ever perpetuated. 'Native' ecosystems is another one, both ecosystems and nature are very dynamic and continually evolving systems that never will stay what they are today, with, or without mans input.

Far to many urbanites that don't really understand nature, or the recent imports to nature that go on a few hikes and somehow believe what I have stated is false are trying to impart their failed beliefs on those of us who actually understand the realities and have spent a lifetime inside these systems.

Nature is NOT the fairytale you people want to believe it is. Your wolf is a non-essential inhabitant inside these systems and the species will be sustainable even if every wolf in the lower 48 is removed. truth be told, it was not science that identified the wolves as endangered, it was a politician that did it. At no time in history has the population of wolves in North America dropped below 125,000, that number is nowhere even close to the threshold of threatened, much less endangered.

Now as far as hysteria......all I ask is to look over the comments posted here and make your own decision as to who are really the over emotional, hysterical nutters typing is all caps.

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Posted by Idaho_Roper on 05/06/2012 at 1:02 PM

Re: “Give wolves a break

Oh brother......another wolf pimp calling for less emotion while at the same time attempting to say "silencers" are used in CO elk hunts.

Just more failed cherry picking of invalid data to ramp up the emotion and hysteria.

The facts are in folks, wolves need managed and managed they are going to get.

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Posted by Idaho_Roper on 05/06/2012 at 12:49 PM

Re: “Bad wolf—go to your den

I have to laugh at Carter's narcissism. He never could catch a wolf without a collar on it. He actually tried once, but failed. He had to HIRE a trapper to catch his transplants, it's pretty sad he evidently never got any better at it.

I guess we'll have to wait and see. But my money is on the Idaho trappers being far more successful than Carter ever was.

Posted by Idaho_Roper on 08/21/2011 at 11:48 PM

Re: “Bad wolf—go to your den

Mike Phillips once admitted, in public. "This has nothing to do with wolves, but with removing 30,000 ranchers from the public lands."

It really is time to quit lying about the agenda, and it is time for the 'eco" groups to quit exploiting wolves for profit and agenda.

If the federal government is now unwilling to fulfill it's reasons and obligations for it's taking of state lands to make public. It is time for them to return them to their rightful owners, the respective states.

The USFS was created out of the promise of sustainable logging, mining and recreation. The BLM was created out of the promise of sustainable and continued availability to graze.

No where was it stated that is was to be locked up and the people denied access or use. The time has come to eliminate these bloated and corrupt government agencies and allow the states and it's citizens to manage their own rightful property.

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Posted by Idaho_Roper on 08/21/2011 at 11:40 PM

Re: “Bad wolf—go to your den

Well, it is nice of Carter to show his true colors at last, just another paid shill for DoW, now this is nothing new, just a bit more obvious than it once was. Now to address some of the other misinformation.
1. To attempt to use Isle Royale as any type of valid comparison, which the wolfies have been doing for years, one has to create a like ecosystem in which to apply it too. Nowhere in the RMW does that ecosystem exist. No where else does an ecosystem hold only ONE prey species and ONE predator as Isle Royale does. What that failed process does is ignore predator mediated competition as we have in the once healthy ecosystems that they dumped their diseased federal wolves in. They used an 'apples' study to create flawed science and attempted to apply it to an 'orange' ecosystem. Just more scientific fraud, nothing more, nothing less.

2. A faux endangered species. Wolves have never been endangered, ever. They never had a rightful place on that list, and still don't. 6.8 Billion wasted dollars that could have been more functionally applied to a real endangered species. But, that money wouldn't have ended up in welfare lawyers pockets now, would it have? This isn't about wolves, this is about money, land control and an attempt to end hunting.

3. Sick ecosystems? I see a few spin artists still trying to hold on to the habitat lie. We have always had swings in elk populations, very true. But what we now have are populations that are in continual decline from over predation. There is no ability for recovery as we once seen. Winter may take some elk, but those losses are now much higher due to 24/7/365 harassment and predation from an uncontrolled and over populated predator, and no recovery is ever seen due to this. You remove the wolves, and as the science has shown, the elk will recover. The habitat claim is a bald faced lie.

4. Natural balance? Yet another falsehood in our limited ecosystems. As stated before, balance only succeeds in a one prey/one predator ecosystem. Thousands of species went extinct before man ever entered the ecosystems, so that "balanced out for thousands of years" is another complete pipe dream. Just an empty emotional claim that ignores reality. Wolves do not 'balance' muti-prey ecosystems, they remove species from them, just as we have seen with the now extirpated woodland caribou in Idaho ( a real, once endangered species, now gone from the state due to wolves). And as we are seeing in both our moose and our elk. It's just a matter of time. If you don't believe me, check out both Banff and the situation with the Firehole herd in Yellowstone. Neither of those populations have ever been hunted, the habitat is fine and those herds are now on the verge of extirpation also.

5. Another reality, you do not hunt control them. Which is one reason IDFG did not fall for the ploy of quotas on Idaho's wolves. We will control them in whatever fashion necessary to once again bring our ecosystems back to some semblance of normalcy where all species are considered, including man. We have a law which requires 50% over the 'recovery' number, as dictated by science, and that will be the goal. Wolves will survive, and so will the other wildlife as well as hunting. Everyone wins, well everyone but the welfare lawyers, and who really cares about those greedy leeches anyway.

The truth is. Wolf introduction is a criminal enterprise founded on flawed science. And those people making money off of it are hell bent on it continuing.

Posted by Idaho_Roper on 08/21/2011 at 11:23 PM

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