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Re: “Staffing struggles

Hey who is Bill Windsor, Lawless America, UM's Sean Boushie, UMPD officer Nick Painter Jennifer Clark, Ravalli's Judge Jim Haynes?
What is all this Federal money for rape errrr, I mean sexual assault that the UofM and Missoula were not allowed to talk about? Is there a problem now? has there ever been a problem? If you ask questions or are a whistleblower will you be arrested and sent to prison? What about "Eric Holder's Legacy"? I mean he came to the Law School that Max Baucus built along with the President's Campaign Manager and DCOS Jim Messina of "don't ask, don't tell" fame, a true hero of the UM lawschool? Is Lee Publishing still in Banruptcy to avoid civil action by defamed innocent people? Gosh looks like we have a chance for some really gut busting journalism here. Go Griz

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Posted by Roy P Pilkey on 12/10/2015 at 12:34 PM

Re: “Modern justice

U of M lawschool, ranked last in the world, along with every other form of Justice in Montanistan. Rape capital of the Universe, thanks Jennifer Clark, has no mirrors, because no one can look in one. Check out Sean Boushie who works at the UM, paid cyberstalker coverd by the FBI and U of M. Check out Nick Painter who was a cop from Hamilton who works at U OF M Police. Check out FBI agent Mossbeck, Check out Chief Muir Missoula PD, check out the Mayors office, the Judges, Check Ryan Oster Hamilton PD Chief, Muir, Mossbeck all frat bros FBI Academy. Remember Jimmy Messina? O'Bama's Campaign mgr, last I heard he is running some dame named Hillary's Campaign. I don't think Holder showed up again to rename the lawschool now known as Blew it. Don't ask don't tell. OOOH yes, nice little town you have there. Will the last person leaving please turn out the lights. Go Griz Everybody in the world knows all about you, except you.

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Posted by Roy P Pilkey on 11/13/2015 at 12:46 AM

Re: “A softer landing

"DID YOU EVER HEAR ABOUT A FROG WHO DREAMED OF BEING A KING, WELL EXCEPT FOR THE NAMES AND FEW OTHER CHANGES, MY STORY'S THE SAME ONE". Retired Fire Fighter moved to the Bitterroot in 2002 after 911 looking for the Last best Place. After one year watching what was swirling around me, I knew I was up to my butt in the biggest pile of crap in the history of America. Go Griz! the U of MT, Sean Boushie paid cyberstalker protected by U of Mt? A Rape or two hundred, go Griz! Supercop Nic Painter hired by U of MT after fleeing his past in Hamilton. Dean Eck of the U of Mt dean of the Worst Law School in the world, change the name to BLEWITT. Eric Holder lectures there sometimes. Go for law enforcement, it is the only industry left in Montanistan. Judges, lawyers, POST all wrapped up in a nice tiny bundle. The President of the USSA, put in office by Max Baucus, now the Ambassador to China", remember Jimmy Messina?

So now we have an Iraqi family living the Dream? And yes it would remind them of home, I have stood in those same mountains where they are from, and the acid of oppression is even stronger in the air as they gaze fondly towards MT Jumbo. Your food, your Music, your beliefs, .... Somewhere over the Rainbow.

I escaped in 2008, it was going to be," become a criminal, or a resist arrest kill by Supercops".

GO Griz!


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Posted by Roy P Pilkey on 10/29/2015 at 1:57 PM

Re: “Etc.

Go Griz, Just cant imagine why people aren't beating the doors down to attend there, I mean a river runs through it and all. Could it be the Law School??? The one that sends it's students out to prosecute unsupervised before they are licensed from the worst ranked Law school in the world, where the UMPD hires officers that cant make it anywhere else, the worse they offend the more desirable they seem to be in the eyes of the administration? Could it be that an alleged known Cyber stalker operates openly out of the UM and seems to receive a bulletproof shield from Ravalli, Missoula, and federal branches of Justice while plying his poison across all the land? These same Honorable Justices are the very same covering up the Dept of Rape that is the model for the new pre college football advertisements warning co'eds to be aware that attending college could be hazardous as Sexual predation is a most distinct possibility? You are receiving Emmy Awards from Lawless America the new reality show featuring your University, state, county and city as the holy grail of an America gone astray. But it's all good because your emphasis on going "Green", will make it all better. " Engstrom you are real special" Montana should be very proud to say they know who you are.

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Posted by Roy P Pilkey on 09/03/2015 at 6:27 PM

Re: “Hamilton growth

Technically, The so called "City" of Hamilton, does not legally exist, Neither does Ravalli County. Hamilton is not Incorporated, and the County Seat is very Illegal, as are most things along this River. Everyone just looks the other way when this is brought up, but it is a fact. They make up the laws as they go. The people guiding this ship of fools cannot look each other in the eye, City Council, County Commissioners, Mayors, County Attorney, absolute heinous imposters.

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Posted by Roy P Pilkey on 04/05/2015 at 12:08 PM

Re: “Open the gates

How can you ever make a comment about the Bitterroot without including the words "blithering idiots"???

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Posted by Roy P Pilkey on 01/22/2015 at 11:31 AM

Re: “University of Montana

Take a look at what you have in the Justice System there, Montanistani Lawyers, Judges, County Attys, and an Interim Dean since 2011 just about the time the Rape Scandals hit the scene. They make the laws up as they go along. Bring Eric Holder, Jim Messina, and Max Baucus to tell you how wonderful you are. The only Justice in the Halls of Justice is in the Halls,

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Posted by Roy P Pilkey on 10/09/2014 at 11:41 AM

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