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Re: “Etc.

I looked through the columns this week and found no Ochenski column. I hope he is just on vacation, but according to a post I received from last week's column, it seems as though the new editor has decided to drop him. I mentioned last week I was very concerned that good columns that ask questions are in short supply here in Montana, now it seems that they are nearly nonexistent. Alternative paper? Not any more! I think it is just another example of what the wankers on the right are willing to do and the limits they are willing to exceed when it comes to stifling free speech; they always talk about upholding the ideals of the Framers, but it appears that they only want their side heard. What is Meyerwitz's agenda? You can count on me to stop reading your paper and more importantly stop supporting your advertizers.

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Posted by stoopid01 on 06/07/2012 at 7:13 PM

Re: “Damned if you do

Ochenski and the Independent have done a damned fine job in the past of writing about relevant issues that create an opportunity for dialogue. It really disturbs me when the third estate is denied factual, relevant information. I for one am tired of having an agenda that benefits only a select few rammed down my throat by idiots that are nothing more than the lapdogs of the rich. How long do we have to tolerate this?

I think that Ochenski raises many good questions and I look forward to thinking about those questions. Censorship is a real phony trip that allows only one group the opportunity to express its views. Let George write his ass off about big issues and give the readers the chance to respond to that POV. Don't allow some right-leaning wank the opportunity to sabotoge another progressive paper.

Living out here in eastern Montana is hard enough without having the one place you get good insight on important issues F***** up by the right. They have ruined it out here, should they be allowed to do it everywhere?

This last legislative session was a travesty and a sick joke concerning the MMJ issue. I'm not blaming Bullock because it is his responsibilty to execute the wishes of the legislature, but I do have a problem with Herr Esseman, Milburn, and the other lying, cheating bastards that went against the people's wishes. I think a horsewhipping would be too good for them. They did not even consider what they did to people with cancer, MS, and other maladies that respond to pot. My son has cancer and it has been nearly impossible to help him when he needs the benefit of cannabis. I think there are people that might have abused the intent of the initiative, but how about the people that really can benefit. I guess these right wing morons we elected to represent us think that their answer is the only one. Well, I think there are more of us than there are of them and it is time to stop the bullying. If this editor is one of them, then get rid of him and allow a dialogue Mr. Publisher. I won't read your crap if you make a change like what seems to have been made and I surely won't buy from your advertisers!

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Posted by stoopid01 on 06/02/2012 at 4:00 PM

Re: “Marijuana

I think "citizen" should have a full cavity cranial search done to see if there really is a brain in there (I suspect not). Citizen just seems to go along with the majority of the minority that shoved SB 423 down our throats. By the way, a very high percentage of us "green card" holders have jumped through ridiculous hoops just to get a card, even though we have legitimate pathologies. My medical file is a six inches thick and my regular doctor would have prescribed it...if it wasn't scrutinized by the DEA and therefore not allowed by his facility's administration. The doctor was more willing to give me more addictive painkillers (read opiates) than to give me a medical cannabis card. Which one does more damage? People like you that reject cannabis' efficacy as a painkiller have not done one lick of research and should be required to do so before they present their uniformed, anecdotal logic/opinion to the argument.

Posted by stoopid01 on 07/08/2011 at 4:14 PM

Re: “Dangerous days

An Open Letter to Montana’s Republican Legislators:

I find it abhorrent to think that you have voted against something that you fail to understand. Your remarks and subsequent vote on the issue of medical cannabis demonstrate to me nothing more than that you have done a very poor job of researching this issue. I would like to know where you acquired the medical training and psychological training to determine that it is the “right thing to do” to deny people with medical issues the alternative to prescription drugs.

If you had bothered to do your homework, you would know that cannabis does indeed have efficacy as a pain reliever and it is NOT addictive. Montana DOES NOT have a medical cannabis problem so much as it has a pharmaceutical drug, and a bathtub methamphetamine problem. Why weren’t those issues addressed? More lives are lost to just those two things than to all the deaths marijuana usage in the world has caused since time immemorial. Your narrow-minded approach to this perceived problem is nothing short of a reversion in thinking that accepts fear of the unknown as justification to deprive people of the opportunity and compassion of choice.

The approach adopted regarding the perceived problem of growth in the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes in Montana, hearkens back to the days of the Red Scare, McCarthy era, Salem witch trials, and even the Inquisition and seems to be driven by a group that is willing to manufacture anecdotal evidence to create a scenario that is the product of fear; that is the scenario of marijuana reaching into our schools. Too many times, you (the Montana Legislature’s Republican majority) have concentrated on issues that needed some minor repairs and made it a much bigger issue than it is. I wonder, what you have really been doing down in Helena besides writing legislation that panders to witch burning,

Really, you are nothing more than economic and cultural rapists. What will you do that is positive during the final days of this session? Will you Republicans cut another dirty deal like you did with dereg, cyanide heap leach mining, or stream access? I know for one that it will not be in trying to bring us back into the 21st century. You have decided to pander to the Fundamentalist Right and big corporate money because they shoved their votes and money your way. I would like to remind you that you are there to serve all your constituents (not special interests; you can deny all that you want).

Instead of playing by the rules and getting the necessary signatures to overturn the Medical Marijuana Initiative, proponents of repeal promised votes to Republican office seekers and they responded by promising to backdoor the majority’s decision to legalize Medical Cannabis. You are definitely NOT the ethical group that you purport yourselves to be. Regulate, but do it fairly. Only .03% of the population has the right to use MMJ at this time. Is it really as big a deal as you have made it out to be? I suspect it is nothing more than a smokescreen for other destruction you have planned for the rights of Montana citizens. You can count on a backlash after this session. If we continue to use your model of thinking, the signs will be “Welcome to Montana, you are now entering an area of pre-Enlightenment thinking."

Posted by stoopid01 on 04/03/2011 at 9:23 AM

Re: “To the streets

Shadow, I have to wonder what you are talking about when you say that you were fighting for my rights. What rights are you referring to? I think you are confused when you say something like that. I think the reason you were there was to further an agenda forced on us by the Cheney/Bush administration and big oil. Where were the WMDs? I’m not aware that they ever surfaced.

F…ing stupid doesn’t even begin to describe what that whole mess has been about, as it doesn’t even begin to describe your pathetic approach to understanding and explicating what benefit the agenda you appear to support has for the ordinary citizen. Is it in our best interest to have the military overrun a country on the say so of faulty intelligence?

There really was no insurgency in Iraq UNTIL we went in looking for WMDs. I don’t think you even understand how examples like JC used are to illustrate positions. You seem like just another doofus that thinks shouting someone down is the best approach. Nazis, for your information used tactics exactly like you are employing in your approach—they were called storm troopers.

I also don’t get your innuendo (no not an Italian suppository) concerning Congress and government. If you are so gung ho about criticizing a citizen for questioning the military, then you had better re-evaluate why you fight? If you are protecting rights, I guess the first right is freedom of speech, which is by the way, why most people rationalize democracy and its process. If it wasn’t for questioning individuals like JC, we would be forced to do anything the military wishes. That is why the military is subservient to the civilian authority, or don’t you understand it? That is why you are protecting freedom, to allow all points of view. If you don't understand that, you really are a dumbass.

I find it humorous that you go for the juggler and accuse JC of some kind of drug use; when you can't think, throw in a non sequitar. I also find it amusing that some dipshit like you just assumes that someone is a democrat because they disagree with your miniscule worldview; you wouldn't know the difference between progressives and radicals if it wasn't something you had seen on Fox.

Maybe you should just go out and huff on the tailpipe of a semi, it might at least make you a better person because then you wouldn’t be able to talk like the outrageous idiot that you appear to be. Maybe I'm wrong, you might be more lucid. The voters did not ask the legislators to deal with cultural issues; they want their rights protected, jobs, and a stable economy. By the way, it is butt hurt junior.

Posted by stoopid01 on 03/02/2011 at 1:15 PM

Re: “To the streets

Why is it that when one calls a spade a spade, it offends folks like J.O. when for years they have continually attempted to shout the rest of us down and until now, we have politely taken it? Fascists employed the same approach. I think it is time that we actually threw it out there for all to see.

I think we need to move back to having organizations like the IWW around, just to deal with all the pukes destroying everything good because it doesn't fit into their narrow minded little world. I think most of them would be witch hunters, inquisitors, and Nazis just to get their fear-focused way at the majority's expense. Most of them are either unable or incapable of wrapping their minds around the concept of connectedness.

They have chosen to make this a cultural war, a smoke screen rather than facing the real issues. Montanans at one time had a sense of fair play, but when you say that you are going to improve the economy and then spend the majority of the time abrogating and negating people's right...well, I think it is time to draw a line in the sand and just recall the legislators and have them represent the people's wishes the next time around.

I belong to the majority (unlike the far right or far left) that do not wish to see us demolish a good constitution and abrogate citizen rights. You folks on the right are going to have to come half way if you want to accomplish anything and I think the silent ones to your left are tired of your bullying. I for one think it is time that the real Montanans say, "sit down and shut the hell up until you know what you are doing." RECALL THE LEGISLATURE!

Posted by stoopid01 on 02/25/2011 at 1:30 PM

Re: “To the streets

I beg to differ with JO, the people didn't take to the streets. The Republipukes and evangelical nutjobs combined forces with Tea Party nutjobs to win the seats. For instance in the Havre area: Cruella Warburton, her dumbass minions, and state party hacks laid it out in Havre during Lincoln Day Banquet speechs to the local Repukelicrats saying, "the state Republican Party, with the help of the Republican National Committee, obtained lists of voters from the Montana Secretary of State’s office. The party then hired a consultant to analyze the names, looking at items such as what television programs they watched and what magazines they bought, to see who was likely to vote conservative."

If one were to investigate it, Warburton, Hansen, and Hutton were elected in most cases by margins equal to the membership of the church Hutton serves in as pastor and a place in which both Hansen and Warburton campaigned. I think they used local evangelicals to elect them. Think about this, they negated the separation of church and state. So does it surprise us that the republipukes won? If this happened in a number of counties, then it is no surprise they took the legislature. Church + Republipukes+Tea Party-intelligence=Montana Legislature.

It was a dishonest agenda from the get go. I say that the voters have a responsibility to stop this unholy trinity and recall the legislature before it is too late.

Posted by stoopid01 on 02/24/2011 at 8:48 PM

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