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Re: “Nothing to see here

There is no unbiased mainstream media any longer. Long gone. Walter Cronkite may have been the last. You can get your far right fix on Fox and Rush, and your progressive desire at MSNBC. Then there's the satellite radios with the same extremes of programming. Thing is when I listen to both I always agree with the progressives. I know most of Montana is center right, but many are center left. We are not that far apart. And these folks are the ones willing to compromise for the benefit of our citizens. The only way our system works - compromise until your party has the power, the support of the people, to change it every 8-10 years.

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Posted by old soil guy on 11/22/2012 at 1:43 AM

Re: “"Montucky" offends

Seems if you spend enough time getting to know most of us you will find Montanans are as a whole a welcoming people. If you are very wealthy then there will be some who like you very much but that's the same everywhere. Montanans as a whole are a very friendly and trusting people. Most of us are not suckers and we can tell an honest person apart from one not so honest. If you are honest and friendly you will get the same back. Of course, like anywhere you will have some of the opposite. I always disliked that Montuckey word, just another term to describe the dumber sector of our citizens and every state has these same ****tucky's. And I'm sure Kentucky has a lot of good folk too. I wish they could do something about Mitch McConnel though.

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Posted by old soil guy on 11/22/2012 at 1:20 AM

Re: “Pipe dream?

Washington and Colorado have the intelligent people to write working rules for this. That's not a problem, it's how their legislatures try to muck it up in the next year like Montana did with the medical cannibas last year. When a few more states do this the feds are going to have to take notice and many be look at the schedule 1 list. As it stands at least in WA after Dec 6 you can have a small amt in possession with no law enforcement hassle. But could be a year or more to write and approve the regulations they will use for any sales outlets. Medical cannabis is about the only thing now that works for my daughter, as far has even wanting to eat food.

I've smoked some over the years starting in college in the 70's. Still do from time to time for purely for rec reasons. Only seems like an alternative to alcohol to me. Nothing more. And I can tell anyone it's just as easy to get no matter what the feds do. But they know all that.

Posted by old soil guy on 11/22/2012 at 1:00 AM

Re: “Blowout

And those Montana Power guys in the small towns were mostly on the local volunteer fire department, or volunteer ambulance crew. They showed up at any fire to deal with electrical issues. Went to accident scenes. There were 3 or 4 in my small town of about 2000. And everyone knew them and you could call them at any time if you had a problem with heat or something. And they would be there very soon to check it out and fix it.

Now they are gone, and Missoula's private water system Mountain Water had to sell to the Carlyle Group. Just google this outfit and read about them. Some pretty high up names on their board. What's their interest in our high quality fast moving and vast aquifer? It's not likely the same as our interest.

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Posted by old soil guy on 11/16/2012 at 1:35 AM

Re: “Blowout

We long for the days of good old Montana Power. A solid company, employees who lived in your small town for years, had kids in school, and were respected members of the community. Even put up scoreboards at the gym and football field. There employees had a great pension plan and great wages. That went out the window and we know the rest of the story about how that ended. (Anyone heard what Rascitot is doing now? Still lobbying in DC or finally get on with Goldman-Sachs, his buds that set it up?).

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Posted by old soil guy on 11/16/2012 at 1:26 AM

Re: “Under fire

As a 3rd generation Montana liberal who owns a few guns. I'm not really against the "castle doctrine". But every case is unique and they all should be thoroughly investigated. But many cases will be the he said, she said issue. As was Fredenberg armed? He was in the garage but how far away was he? Did Harper yell to tell him to stop while pointing the pistol at him and he ignored it and kept coming? If he had made serious threats and showed up I'd probably be armed too. We will likely never know and maybe it doesn't matter. Threatening someone over a personal issue is juvenile.

I've had a somewhat related issue happen to me a few years ago when my daughter came running up the stairs and yelled "dad, get your gun and come down quick". Then she ran back down and told the two guys at the basement door I was coming. When I walked down and they saw me they took off. The pistol was hanging by my side. They never came back. It was all a personal issue with my daughter's boyfriend but they were being very threatening. I'm so dang glad they were not also armed and left. Not sure how that would have turned out but it would not have been good. The castle doctrine was not the law then. I know how to shoot but I'm not trained in defusing a tense situation. I've never even shot at a human outline target. Maybe just my presence did it but I'm not a big guy.

And I surely don't want people walking around with guns in their pocket. Home defense of your family is different. Thinking because you are packing in public you will be able to deal with a serious issue makes no sense. I would hope it never comes to having to pack anywhere, especially in Missoula. I know, people write comments all the time about someone packing stopping some crime in public. I hope it doesn't have to happen in public here.

Posted by old soil guy on 11/08/2012 at 10:52 PM

Re: “Loaded

Well Roy Pilkey, few people understand much of anything about the Federal Reserve. Most probably think it's some government agency. Sure, I dislike the way a small number of very wealthy people have manipulated our currency, our government, pretty much everything, everywhere. And there are many elected people who assist in enabling them.

But "buy guns and ammo, find a nice place in the bushes and wait" sure sounds like a great solution. I'm sorry, I don't agree with that or anyone who keeps saying the big bad government will take your guns away. You are going to be spending a long time hiding in the bushes. First of all I don't believe very many in the military or Nat Guard would follow such orders. Not under our current form of government and I'm not worried much that's going to change any time soon. Secondly, anyone who thinks a large cache of weapons and ammo would ever be able to hold out very long is delusional. Sure we need some major changes in the US but until enough people actually protest enough to make a difference not much is going to change. Hiding in the bushes with guns won't do it.

I did go buy a bit more ammo when it looked like Obama was going to win in 08, but only because I knew the price would be going up due to all the people who would be flocking to stock up on guns and ammo, worried about Obama coming to take their guns. Isn't this the same guy that went along with carrying in National Parks? The NRA and their supporters are the ones behind most of the artificial scarcity.

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Posted by old soil guy on 11/08/2012 at 6:43 PM

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