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Re: “Proper respects

Talk about anthromorphizing -- wolves could easily be taught how to respect boundaries if people could finally learn to do the same. Instead of giving everybody a chance to brag and display their precious trophies, we could act like responsible adults and stop supporting the brutal, vicious, twisted morality that's destroying this country. Killing wild animals for "sport" with a high-powered rifle, or a trap (and possibly a small caliber pistol if the animal hasn't died before you get around to retrieving it) simply makes no sense in terms of any morality I am aware of. It also sends mixed signals to the packs, particularly those around the park who've become accustomed to people with tripods and reflective lenses being harmless. Aren't we teaching them to consider these people a threat???

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Posted by JMichels on 02/08/2013 at 9:03 PM

Re: “Pipe dream?

Nice article, but I do see one glaring oversight: no discussion of the multitude of statistics and scientific trials which have repeatedly shown that cannabis intoxication is nowhere near as destructive to individuals or society as alcohol has been for decades. I definitely agree with Chief Muir that alcohol and wine have had devastating impacts on our road safety and general health. But he, this reporter and all of the other people casting judgement here need to do their homework on this subject. The truth is every study people have conducted using scientifically-accepted "double-blind" studies have proven drivers who ingested cannabis to actually outperform SOBER drivers and drastically outperform those even moderately intoxicated with alcohol. Never mind how much less harm the herb does to an individual's body and mind. (alcohol kills brain cells, cannabis helps grow more!)

If anyone would like to debate these facts or learn more, please contact me at You can also follow us on facebook, twitter and at; as we help end the brutal failure of cannabis prohibition.

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Posted by JMichels on 11/21/2012 at 8:16 PM

Re: “Montana considers wolf trapping

How are these traps not considered hazardous to livestock, pets and even children -- some of whom may be out actually hunting wolves or for food to help feed their families? Trapping is an archaic and brutal tradition which has no place left in Montana. In no way does it deserve to be called a respectable sport or safe, ethical business practice.

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Posted by JMichels on 04/05/2012 at 11:10 AM

Re: “Court couldn't care less if you're "spiritually moved" to smoke pot

gee, what a surprise -- the judge sidestepped the freedom of religion issue, instead choosing to see this as just punishment for past crimes involving a far more dangerous and addictive substance. Kinda reminds me of how the White House recently issued a press release justifying our continued war against cannabis because we already have so many people dying from prescription drug abuse. They are grasping at straws while more and more people are standing up for this basic human right which is absolutely protected by the U.S. constitution. Our drug policies are terribly counterproductive and widely known to support only the criminals. Judge Molloy either has a lot of 'friends' in the pharmaceutical industry or a vast misunderstanding of what religious sacraments are and why they are used. Entheogens, like cannabis and other naturally-occuring psychoactive substances which have been revered for many thousands of years, are unquestionably a part of human history and modern societies throughout the globe. Ignorance should not be a valid excuse in the eyes of the law..

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Posted by JMichels on 09/08/2011 at 3:07 PM

Re: “Forgetting Mary Jane

Austin, there are a number of us who are well-educated enough to call this plant by its real name even though we know it really bothers some people. You've obviously been fed lies your whole life (like all the rest of us here in the U.S.); but this still doesn't explain your chosen level of ignorance. The truth about this plant is now widely available and will absolutely blow your mind if you've never seriously taken the time to study it. But, somehow, I doubt you ever will. Fear and loathing seems to be more your style, perhaps because you (like Molly and countless other Missoulians) drink too much coffee and alcohol while smoking your (legal) cigarettes?

As for your comment earlier -- "..There would be nothing interesting to read here if she concealed all of her flaws. Nobody wants to read a story about a person who has no personal issues and gets stoned and has nothing but positive experiences. It would be boring as hell."

Thank you for finally explaining to the rest of us why the Indy chose to run this story on the cover at this particular time -- because they figured it would get more people reading their paper and talking about it as though what's inside is somehow relevant. More so than if they were to simply run a boring, old piece discussing the actual facts of the matter. And, please don't get me wrong, Ochenski's article IS relevant and on point concerning a very important topic. But, sadly, nobody seems to be talking about that OR the potential benefits of sane laws surrounding the cannabis plant.

Instead, we are back to fighting "Reefer Madness" once again because our community's free NEWSpaper is apparently more concerned with stirring emotions (and hopefully selling ads to people other than 'potheads') than reporting the facts. By choosing to run this article on the front page and without any sort of counter-weight (perhaps showing that cannabis also treats various cancers and has unprecedented medical potential), they hung the entire medical cannabis community out to dry and did their readers a great disservice. But did they get their intended point across that they aren't simply a bunch of 'stoners' because that's where half their ad revenue used to come from? God, I hope so..

Posted by JMichels on 09/03/2011 at 1:10 PM

Re: “Forgetting Mary Jane

To all people who still think mary jane is as fault here, please answer me this simple question: what if she had been messing around with prozac, zoloft or a hundred other prescription drugs instead of cannabis? She would be dead or in treatment somewhere, if she was really lucky. It is time for people to stop treating this plant like it is evil, because it is far safer than anything your doctor will hand out like candy to your children. Look at the facts, even the drug czar agrees the biggest threat is now prescription drugs; so why are we still wasting money on a policy that everyone agrees is a total disaster (even the UN, according to a report released back in June!)

What I think we need is a much better understanding of the facts surrounding this plant, not just a personal account of someone's misadventures in depression and addiction. After all, this versatile and legendary plant has been a constant companion of successful people and societies for over ten thousand years. And, as I type these words, at least 55 different pharmaceutical companies in this country alone are already (legally) growing cannabis in order to put its extracts into pills which will, naturally, be 100% FDA approved and even welcomed by those at the DEA, who will continue to falsely claim that this plant has absolutely no medical value whatsoever. Because our 'democratic government' is a complete sham, now commonly known as the corporatocracy. And certain people stand to lose a lot of money when we can grow our own medicine, food, clothing, shelter and even our own fuel. Government corruption and the struggle of hard-working Americans (who also happen to use cannabis) to overcome tyranny, or is that too much truth for the INDEPENDENT to publish?

Posted by JMichels on 09/01/2011 at 7:42 PM

Re: “Montana Caregivers Network founder arrested

I am one of those people who signed up at their travelling clinics and have heard lots of people are saying that he has given "medical marijuana" a bad image. Personally, I think that it is the ignorance and lies being perpetuated by our media that gives this PLANT a bad image--not the people who are trying to make sure that less fortunate folks can also afford to have legal protection from being sent to prison for choosing the wrong medicine. (and, by "wrong", I mean the one that isn't making pharmaceutical companies and certain politicians extremely rich..)

I applaud the ongoing efforts of the Montana Caregivers Network and am looking forward to the day when our government recognizes what science and common decency demand we do about our counter-productive prohibition laws. Please support sanity in government by telling your representatives to listen to the folks at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. (

There are real solutions to the problems we are dealing with, but harassing and locking people up based on their choice of medicine/intoxicant/sacrament/whatever needs to finally stop. Not only is it unconstitutional, it is currently destroying what's left of this once great nation. If we don't end this atrocity now, our children will continue paying a hefty price for our ineptitude.

Posted by JMichels on 07/14/2010 at 2:45 PM

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