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Chicago transplant since 2005. Can't believe that it took me 35 years to get here, and can't imagine living anyplace else. Met and married an… More »

Chris Melton

Chicago transplant since 2005. Can't believe that it took me 35 years to get here, and can't imagine living anyplace else. Met and married an actual Missoula native. We love outdoor adventuring and Explore Montana every chance we get. Proud parents of two rad dogs, Ruthie and Sparky.

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Weekend in Whitefish

Montana never gets old!

(Head Out)   Mar 8, 2011

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Jackson Hot Springs & The Pioneer Scenic Byway

Location: Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway

(Head Out)   Nov 15, 2010

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Re: “Caffe Dolce

So I'd agree with Smitty regarding the atmosphere at the neighborhood location. It's cavernous and less than warm and inviting, but THE FOOD MORE THAN MAKES UP FOR IT!!! Having lived the majority of my life in Chicago, the one thing I miss constantly is food. Good, authentic ethnic restaurants are VERY hard to come by in Western Montana, but dinner at Cafe Dolce has really hit the spot with the seasonal, changing, Italian dinner selections. They are currently serving a Braised Short Rib Ragu that is out of this world. There are several other pasta dishes that are delicious. Their pizzas are terrific, and don't get me started on desserts. With great food, and a great wine selection, dinner at Cafe Dolce's neighborhood location has become a fairly regular choice despite the warehouse-like atmosphere.

Posted by ChiTownCubbies on 01/20/2010 at 10:52 AM

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Re: “Six alternative links for the Yellowstone oil spill

When the deep water oil well ruptured last year in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana, spilling hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil into the waters & fisheries of our gulf coast, I would have thought that every other oil company executive operating pipelines, wells or refineries in this country would have first breathed a sigh of relief that it was BP and not THEIR company being trashed in the media, suffering huge stock losses, costing billions in cleanup costs and advertising PR campaigns that claimed BP "cared" and had to provide a multi-billion dollar fund to help "make whole" the thousands of livelihoods affected by the stupidity and greed of our decision makers. Then would have spent the time and money to make sure that they weren't gambling on decades old infrastructure withstanding natural & man-made disasters, but instead, bringing said infrastructure up to 21st century technologies. At the very least they would have taken care to ensure to the best of technological safety standards be applied to all areas in which pristine waterways could be impacted by predictable disasters. Rivers flood. That's what they do. To think that the Yellowstone River, one of this country's most beloved environmental treasures could be fouled by having a pipe buried only 5-8 feet below the riverbed seems to me, ludicrous!
The profits that these giant corporate megaliths report quarter after quarter boggle the mind. I'm ashamed at ExxonMobil. I drive every day and gas id a necessity. But Just as I stopped filling up at BP last year, I will also be avoiding ExxonMobil stations as well. It's really the only recourse I have. This just really makes me angry.

Posted by ChiTownTransplant on 07/06/2011 at 11:58 AM

Re: “Watch the BP oil leak in real time

I'm not one to comment about the days events. I'm not an activist. I choose my battles carefully and am generally a "to each his own" kind of guy. Mind you, I have my opinions, but mostly keep them to myself, or share them with friends or people I know have the same general opinion as I. You might say I usually preach to the choir. But I feel compelled to speak out about the enormous catastrophe happening, as I type this, in the Gulf of Mexico. I'm going to be 40 y.o. this year, and I'm mad at myself and my generation for ignoring the signs given to us as children in the 70's. I remember as an 8 year old boy waiting in line with my Father at a gas station for an entire afternoon only to get to the front of the line to be told that they were out of gas. That scene was repeated all across the U.S. But it's 30 years later and we're no better off. The gas started to flow again, and we forgot. Most pickup trucks still get less than 20 miles a gallon, and we still rely upon people that hate us to supply us with the majority of our oil. But nothing has changed. Our dependence has only grown. And now one of our greatest natural resources is being destroyed. Generations of livelihoods are being altered forever, and yet 38 days have passed and all I see is everyone from BP to the President trying to cover their asses. Where is the outrage from our President? Why hasn't every oil tanker with suction capability in North America been called to action to help clean the surface oil as was done in Saudi Arabia in the early 90's? I voted for President Obama, but have never been more disappointed in him than I have been in the last several weeks for not taking a more active and visible role in this disaster. Going to a fundraiser in California for Barbara Boxer in the face of this mess was a mistake. Did we learn nothing from Katrina? Dare I say that the Bush administration could do just as good a job as the current one is doing with this mess? The President and key members of his administration should have moved immediately to the Gulf Shore and set-up shop. Their presence is needed. Run the country from a command post somewhere close and don't leave until the situation is under control. People need to see that the President has this at the top of his priority list. Aren't we fighting the wrong wars? Shouldn't we at some point be introspective and find a way to start fixing things at home? A call to all for personal sacrifice? Restore a balance of power to the people and away from the Corporations who care nothing about mom & pop or anything other than earnings? Special interest groups and lobbyists are in power while the people sit by and watch it happen. Obviously there is much to say, and I'm not doing a very good job, but I'm mad as hell, and I don't want to take it anymore.

Posted by ChiTownCubbies on 05/27/2010 at 1:02 PM

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