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Re: “Family of would-be snitch sues Missoula law enforcement agencies

Muir shows a callous disregard for this man's death and the trauma it's caused his family, while once again demonstrating that he considers petty offenses like marijuana possession more important than violent assaults and rape. MPD-"To Protect and Serve"...the salary and reputations of Boss Hogg types like Chief Muir and Fred Van Valkenburg.

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Posted by CCopeland313 on 08/02/2012 at 2:04 PM

Re: “Marbut aims for HD 99

Gary Marbut is a (not so) closet white supremacist who has written articles for racist newsletters.…

..and no, I'm not in any way shape or form a proponent of gun control. I'm a proud gun owner who despises the Brady Center but doesn't make alliances of convenience with Fascists.

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Posted by CCopeland313 on 04/18/2012 at 4:24 AM

Re: “Homelessness

"Women who utilize resources at the YWCA have cause to be concerned. There is the real chance that the people who have abused them are staying at the Poverello, should we really have them right outside the front door?"

Where was your concern when the Trails End was there? We're talking about a bar full of drunk guys, some of these no doubt abusers as well. Last time I checked, the Pov doesn't serve shots. This all seems like an undue effort to turn the poor and homeless into boogeymen.

Posted by CCopeland313 on 06/17/2011 at 2:25 AM

Re: “Party city

"we give you our guide to the first eco-friendly party of the summer.."

Uh...what? In what way, shape or form is LYME "eco-friendly"? Beyond the festival's title, it does nothing to elevate awareness of ecological causes or issues. Sure there's some workshops about identifying local plants, this in itself does nothing to "love" or protect mother earth.

Seriously, this whole thing is nothing but using feel-good language to line some promoters' pockets. Typical of Missoula.

Posted by CCopeland313 on 06/15/2011 at 2:40 PM

Re: “Shipments mean jobs

I found this Missoulian op-ed by a local contractor a fitting retort to Hegreberg's blatant pile of malarkey:


It’s locals who object to outsiders’ big rig project

Guest column by JOHN ROSETT

I am so tired of reading about how "outside interests" and "international groups" are trying to take jobs away from poor Montana contractors, such as Cary Hegreberg, the executive director of the Montana Contractor's Association (guest column, Nov. 1).

The fact is, the major opposition to the Kearl transportation project is grassroots, local groups composed of residents of Montana, such as myself, and Idaho. If a person were to do a little research on the subject, instead of reading the outright lies written by Hegreberg, you would find out that the lawsuit that is currently keeping the project from moving forward was filed by people who live along U.S. Highway 12 in Idaho. How are these people "outside interests," Hegreberg?

Hegreberg's condescending tone and "Halloween" theme does nothing to further intelligent debate about this very serious issue. Do you think that by making fun of your opponents you can somehow discredit them? Wrong, you only discredit yourself with this tired tactic.

Hegreberg goes on to say "these shipments have been planned with safety and the environment as the primary concern." Right. ExxonMobil has certainly proven how concerned they are with the safety of the environment, haven't they? Anyone who thinks that these giant oil companies care one bit about the environment, or the safety of the people affected by their operations, should, again, do a little research into their track record of environmental safety. Watch the documentary film "H2Oil" and you will see that these oil companies have no problem killing people and destroying anything that lies in the way of their profits.

Think about it: Can you think of one single time that an extractive industry has come into our state, promising "good jobs" and "environmental safety" and then not left us with a disaster to contend with? Do you remember the Gulf oil disaster? Ask the folks in Libby if the "good jobs" were worth it, now that so many of them are dying, and their land is devastated.

The fact is that ExxonMobil will come into our state, do what they want without a single care as to the long-term consequences, and leave with the money, leaving the taxpayers of Montana and Idaho to suffer (and pay for) the long-term damage that they will do. The people of Montana and Idaho have a responsibility to find out the truth about these issues, not take the word of people who are more interested in a quick buck than the long-term effects of this "project."

Another important fact that Hegreberg fails to mention is that a large part of the labor involved in turning our scenic highways into oversized load corridors will be contracted to out-of-state contractors who will bring their workers with them. I guess he means that the local restaurants and motels will experience some temporary "job growth."

To quote Hegreberg, "Don't be fooled by clever disguises." The people of Idaho and Montana are the ones who are in opposition to the Kearl transportation project. Hegreberg, and others who stand to gain monetarily, have been using the "outside agitator" line of bull since the days of the Roman Empire. We cannot rely on our elected officials, who have shown over and over that they will sell out public safety for the almighty dollar.

It is time for the residents of Montana and Idaho to stand up to the real "outside interests," such as ExxonMobil, Canada's Imperial Oil, the transportation firm, Mammoet (a Dutch company), and the South Korean steel industry that would destroy our land and our way of life just to please their shareholders.

John Rosett is a registered contractor who lives in Missoula.

Posted by CCopeland313 on 11/04/2010 at 6:02 PM

Re: “Bang Your Head

I agree, the metal scene in Missoula has been under-appreciated/exposed for years, but I think this article really over-states the amount of attention Missoula punk rock has gotten since the closure of Jay's (basically one review of a Reptile Dysfunction album- not exactly hogging the coverage). There are still plenty of punk bands playing between venues like the Palace, Elks, ZACC/BSMT, Lab, etc. which never get much exposure outside of KBGA.

Good article- I just wished some metal bands from outside the Missoula area could have been profiled as well. Nothing Survives from Browning are amazing.

Posted by CCopeland313 on 03/15/2010 at 5:27 PM

Re: “Paranoid nation

"Tyrannical busy-bodies who go into government - or once there, begin to act - with intent to "control others' behavior" are the enemy."

Uh...Jim....this is the point of government. Don't kid yourself.

Posted by CCopeland313 on 03/02/2010 at 5:10 PM

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