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Our Story My sister-in-law and I started Bitterroot Staffing & Recruiting after we both lost our long time jobs and subsequently found it difficult to obtain other positions. Like so many others in Montana we faced an uncertain future, are we going to lose our homes, how are we going to feed our children? Many sleepless nights were spent pacing the floor filled with worry and frustration. We leaned on each other for support and in doing so found out that we shared more in common than just losing our jobs, we discovered that we both had a strong desire to help others in the community where we were both born and raised. Also, neither of us wanted to see anyone, or any family go through the frustration, panic, and anxiety that we had spent months enduring with little help from the outside. From that moment on we were determined to open the doors to a staffing and recruiting company that was built on the foundation of compassion, perseverance, and kindness. We wanted to “think outside the box” and bring a new form of staffing and hiring to the table that would change people’s lives, grow our local economy, and help local businesses to create more sustainable jobs in the area. We would offer something that no other business provided and that was hope. Hope to those who struggle each and every day. We aren’t looking for a quick fix, get someone a job and wish them well. We developed a unique approach, something that no other business like us was doing. Not only are we going to lower payroll costs for employers, but we are also going to create jobs, hire individuals, and assist them with all the tools and resources they need to get back on their feet, and we did just that. We have partnered with our local Workforce center, state unemployment entity, and various branches of the military to assist those individuals who are trying to find work after losing a job, as well as those whom are returning from an active deployment and have yet to secure a position. We intentionally keep our overhead very low so that excess funds can be used to provide services to our clients and employees alike. Both my business partner and I do not take a wage from the company unless we are able, rather we put the money back into the business. By keeping our overhead low we can pass that savings onto our clients, which keeps their staffing and hiring costs at a minimum, and in turn promotes overall job growth. We both volunteer our time with Habitat for Humanity developing and assisting in their fund raising efforts throughout the year. Also, we provide our employees with incentives such as a monthly bonus, drawings for gift certificates, etc. when they also volunteer with a local charity such as Habitat for Humanity. Food drives are also something we encourage our employees to participate in and plan on holding another food drive this spring. Because of our efforts we were able to provide Christmas gifts to thirty children in our community and donate to our local Food Bank for their holiday food drive. We honestly care about our community and will strive to do the most good with the resources we have. The Impact We researched more into the local economic statistics and were saddened and shocked by what the numbers revealed. We knew how much our business was needed and that it has the potential to grow into something so much bigger than just the two of us. The impact of our business is limitless, we will be able to reach so many individuals, help businesses to create lasting jobs, and help bring new businesses to the area. The Unemployment rate in Ravalli County, Montana is 8.8%. More people here in Montana have joined the ranks of the poor than in any other state in the nation and median family wages have declined over the last three years at a rate that is the second-highest in the nation. Montana ranks 5th in the nation for the most impoverished states in America. The national poverty level is at a staggering 15.1%, Montana’s poverty level is at 14.9% according to the Census and Economic Information Center’s report in September, 2011. Due to a high unemployment rate, more families are turning to welfare, local food banks, and going without health insurance. The percent of children currently living in poverty has increased to 21.4% in Montana. 44.8% of children two years old and younger are not fully immunized, and almost thirty thousand kids have no insurance at all (approximately 15%), which is a large number for a state with only 219,000 kids under the age of 18. Our goal is simple. We want to keep Monatanan's working, keep businesses open, profitable, and improve our local economy. Our client companies benefit from our low staffing and payroll costs(lowest in the state) and our employees benefit from a decade of experience in job creation, job coaching, and placement and soon to come employee health benefits. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best service in the industry. Check our website @ BSRMT.COM for more information.

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