Leland Locke 
Member since Jun 20, 2011

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Raised in an Ohio town where there were more bars than churches. Graduated Southeast High School 2002. Attended four university - extending the college expierence as a double major in creative writing and journalism, with three minor studies in philosophy, sociology, and history - that included Kent State University, Ohio University, University of Akron, and Breyer State University. Moved to Houston, Texas summer of 2006. Worked as a landscaper in some of the most horrific, sultry weather a person must gradually adapt to, or else. Tourists' visits into the various city Free Clinic's emergency rooms for dehydradtion and borederline mental malfunctioning is one the major victims of news coverage overkill in Houston. Continue to write and submit work weekly to literary journals, newspapers and magazines, book publishers, online publications, and literary agencies across the country, gaining a handful of stories, poems and articles in print. Currently employed at Red Bird, as a dishwasher, five nights a week, spending my time off reading, cooking, and working the word. Primary Objective: finding the one person or publishing establishment willing to take the chance, to push my work - sharpen it, even - for a large readership. Aquiring adequate compensation, fulfilling the fading American Dream element of making a living doing something you love. Closest I've been to that dream was working three years at a unversity (Kent State) bookstore. As of this writing, misdemeanor probation hinders a great deal of certain qualities (conveyed under the flag of personal freedom) are prohibited - downright illegal - for me to practice. Constant monitoring through the week contributes additional stress and aggravation, fueling some kind of motor within me to advance more, and support my beliefs and actions even more than I was, prior to probationary reconnaissance.

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