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Apparently I am nobody until joined with The Independent! My stats are 0 friends, 0 lists, 0 events and nobody links to me! Aw but a New Year is in the works, and perhaps my reclusive stats are in for changes! I am an "independent" thinker, a native of this beautiful state, and according to "cosmo" and other such magazines, a female in "the prime of my life!" ( I wish someone would tell that to my body which has had chronic Lyme disease for 20+ yrs!) Formally a vocalist in many local bands, I have since "retired" from the road life to a life in the country which suites me just fine. I know one thing for certain, I won't be one of those who gets an RV or motor home and travels the USA in my twilight years. I have had enough "road rash" and hotel living to rival even the best of road warriors. Having built my home from a tent to 68 windows, taking over 30 years to do so, I consider myself to be a competant and creative carpenter, have the artist's eye for decor, and can "McGuyver" my way through most any situation. A devout animal lover, my home is the modern version of a Noah's Ark without an anchor! I am an "accidental gardner" with a green thumb that stems from per luck rather than knowledge. I use the moon to guide my planting and harvests. I believe in medical marijuana and wonder why it is taking so long for the US to adjust it's constipated views on a crop that could literally save our farmers and the national economy. Struggling to survive the current economy alongside the rest of you, I have turned my artistic expression from music to beadwork and novice painter of dragons and wild birds. I love to write, and hope to someday have the time to put together the many chapters written in my jounals.

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