<i>The Force</i> goes behind cop culture's thick blue wall

The Force goes behind cop culture's thick blue wall

Peter Nicks' documentary feature The Force takes an intimate and humanizing look at the Oakland Police Department as it undergoes federally mandated reforms in front of an increasingly distrustful public.


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A refreshingly Raw take on teen horror

If you generally don't care for horror films, or you don't have the patience for subtitles, or you're terrified of your own sexuality, or you just can't stomach watching teens engaged in cannibalism, then Raw might not be the picture for you.

(Film)   Jun 15, 2017

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Forget blockbusters—here are some of the summer's most anticipated indie films

The 2017 summer movie season fast approaches.

(Film)   Jun 1, 2017

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Buster's Mal Heart is a visual poem about the suffocating sadness of a world in which we're victim to unfair rules. How does that make you feel?

It's been a minute since I've had the pleasure of sending you into a dark theater to trip out in the immersive glow of a bizarre story, but writer and director Sarah Adina Smith's latest feature, Buster's Mal Heart, delivers the opportunity.

(Film)   May 18, 2017

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Moms on film: a Mother's Day compendium

Mother's Day: a time for appreciating the women who birthed us, for being appreciated by our children, and for longer than usual brunch lines.

(Film)   May 11, 2017

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'The Dinner': just a little too much to swallow

A total lack of likeable characters isn't necessarily immediate cause to dislike a film.

(Film)   May 4, 2017

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'Sand Castle' unpacks Operation Iraqi Futility

My mom's Netflix account has been working overtime lately to provide me, my roommates and untold ex-boyfriends a constant stream of programming.

(Film)   Apr 20, 2017

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The International Wildlife Film Festival remembers founder Chuck Jonkel

When Mike Steinberg took over the International Wildlife Film Festival four years ago, Chuck Jonkel paid him a visit at the Roxy Theater.

Apr 13, 2017

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Three must-see features at this year's International Wildlife Film Festival

David Attenborough's Light on Earth

(Film)   Apr 13, 2017

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Like Groundhog Day, but without the funny

In Before I Fall, we meet high school senior Sam (Zoey Deutch) as she floats through a typical day in any popular, rich girl's life.

(Film)   Apr 6, 2017

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Olivier Assayas sustains suspense with Personal Shopper

You can tell that director Olivier Assayas wrote Personal Shopper with Kristen Stewart in mind.

(Film)   Mar 30, 2017

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The uneven charm of Woody Harrelson's Wilson

Here's the weird thing about Woody Harrelson's title character in Wilson: He is at once cynical and uncomfortably affable, and that charms and repels the people around him in equal measure.

(Film)   Mar 23, 2017

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Netflix wins with I Don't Feel at Home

As it turns out, there's a super exciting, award-winning comedy-thriller hiding out in plain sight on your Netflix queue.

(Film)   Mar 16, 2017

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Jim Jarmusch's Paterson captures contentment

How do I love writer and director Jim Jarmusch's latest and possibly greatest film, Paterson?

(Film)   Mar 9, 2017

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Racism gets the horror treatment in Jordan Peele's 'Get Out'

Allow me a little rant about the withered state of things: Nobody wants to put on their shoes and go to the cinema anymore!

(Film)   Mar 2, 2017

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'I Am Not Your Negro' brings James Baldwin back

There's something undeniably confrontational about director Raoul Peck's Academy Award-nominated documentary.

(Film)   Feb 23, 2017

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Gore Verbinski's 'A Cure for Wellness' requires a strong stomach

There's a temptation facing reviewers to anticipate the commercial prospects of movies before they are released.

(Film)   Feb 16, 2017

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'20th Century Women' reconstructs the feminist moment, circa 1979

There's sex—some—though with more awkwardness and regrets than action.

(Film)   Feb 9, 2017

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Paul Verhoeven's 'Elle' takes risks that American films won't

Finally, Montanans get a chance to see one of the most provocative, sexy and complex films of 2016.

(Film)   Feb 2, 2017

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Matthew McConaughey does the Oscar hustle in 'Gold'

Do you enjoy watching men get excited about making lots of money?

(Film)   Jan 26, 2017

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The Founder nails a fast-food origin story

Nothing is more American than McDonald's, and that's what makes The Founder horrifying.

(Film)   Jan 19, 2017

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Big-screen dystopia: the timeless allure of worlds gone wrong

In every new relationship comes that critical moment when you screen your favorite film for the other person, and by God they better like it.

Jan 12, 2017

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La La Land glides by on superficial charm

In this modern take on classic Hollywood musicals, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling star as a couple of twenty—somethings trying to make it in Los Angeles.

(Film)   Jan 12, 2017

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Hidden Figures: 'The right stuff' wasn't just white and male

Once upon a time, say during the early years of America's space program, "computer" meant "person who does manual calculations."

(Film)   Jan 5, 2017

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Rewinding the movies that made 2016 a little bit brighter

It's been a bleak year for a lot of things, and particularly for cinema.

(Film)   Dec 29, 2016

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