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Re: “Letters to the Editor

Bob Lambert seems to think that polio vaccine had nothing to do with the decline and eradication of polio in the U.S. He cites advances in public health into the early 1900's. Polio did not decline until after the Salk vaccine was discovered in the early 1950's. How I wish the vaccine had been discovered a couple years earlier. As a result I have spent my entire life with Polio's after-effects.
He is like most anti-vaxxers who make claims with no basis in scientific evidence. Polio is a disease (like measles) that could make a comeback due to misinformation and rumor. Measles should have been eradicated. However, it is making a comeback because people like Lambert are buying into misinformation that it isn't necessary or worse, that vaccines cause autism. There is no scientific evidence to support that claim.
Stop this madness!

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Posted by Jace on 06/08/2017 at 7:41 PM

Re: “Letters to the Editor

Do you know that Montana is one of a few states where the actual sales price of real estate is not available to the public? We have no idea what houses really sell for. This opens the door to manipulation of the real estate market which is what we are seeing now.

Because the public does not know the true sales price of houses (which is different from the asking price), real estate agents manipulate the market by putting any asking price they desire on houses. This leads people to believe house prices are going up, when currently only the selling price of small, undesirable shacks are going up.

The majority of people in Missoula are strapped to pay between $200,000 and $300,000 for a house but are forced to. Most of the houses in Missoula are selling in this range, and most are undesirable shacks.

This is not due to lack of inventory as realtors claim, there are plenty of houses on the market, it is just that other houses have been priced extremely high by real estate agents, or by agents allowing sellers to overprice. Developers like Edgell are building homes, but most people cannot afford those homes either.

The average household income in Missoula is $40,000, yet the average asking price of houses is @$266,000. To exist, a household income should be 30% of the house price.

$40,000 is 30% of $120,000.

$88,500 is 30% of $266,000.

The average sales price of homes should be $120,000 for economic stability.

The average current asking price exclude most of the people in Missoula from buying homes. These ridiculous prices also cause rents to escalate, which is outrageous for the average working family.

In Missoula rent is typically @60% of household income. For sustainability rent should be 30%. This is not a healthy economy.

House sale prices have not skyrocketed, only undesirable shacks. Houses in the 300,000+ category that have sold since January have an asking price of only about an average of
@ $15,000 more than house asking prices 8 years ago. That is basically a adjustment for inflation which is 1% annually. Houses used to appreciate 1-2% annually in the 1950's and 60's when we had a healthy economy. So no. House selling prices have not gone up.

Here is an example of house price manipulation: A house sold on Brooks in the past few months at the asking price of $240,000 (we do not know the actual sales price). Brooks is one of the busiest streets in town. Last week, a house across the street on Brooks with similar square footage was put on the market for the outrageous amount of $450,000. The only difference? The $450,000 house has more appeal because it has a brick faade. House appraisals do not markup house prices $210,000 for a brick facade. This is pure greed and manipulation.

There are many other examples including a house that was just listed in a lower priced neighborhood where the recent asking price of houses had been @ $270,000. What is the asking price of this newly listed house? $740,000. No one has bought a home for even half that price in that neighborhood. The $740,000 house is the same square footage/ number of beds and baths, as the other houses that had previously sold in the neighborhood. The $740,000 house does not even have a decent garage or backyard. Only a handful of homes have sold in Missoula for $740,000, let alone in a historically low priced neighborhood.

We need disclosure of actual real estate sales prices, so everybody including home buyers and renters can live to work instead of work to live. Shelter is a basic need like food and medical care. We need to have the majority of homes affordable in Missoula. Instead, the majority of homes are not affordable. I guess real estate agents and greedy sellers are braced for the thousands of millionaires they believe to be moving to Missoula.

Kathy Higgins


Posted by Kathy Walter Higgins on 06/07/2017 at 3:54 PM

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