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Re: “The pardon of Joe Arpaio triggers memories of an immigrant

Jeez, what a contemptible framework this story is. The whole argument is, "Look at the poor miserable wretch, and how cruel the evil Americans are!" I've little reason to doubt the stories of foreign barbarism in the world, nor would I blame an individual from trying to illegally enter a country in search of somewhere better. But in the same token my own people are my concern, not strangers. I will not give up my community, my home, my bed to someone just because I might pity their situation. Such reckless generosity is dangerous and unsustainable aside from being the absolute height of foolishness. Call my cruel or harsh, but it is unjust nonetheless to let someone who doesn't belong in this country to stay here illegally and sap resources from my true countrymen. I'd rather be called names than live in a country I no longer recognize surrounded by strangers. I will reserve my compassion and energies towards my own first and foremost, and I would recommend everyone do the same.

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Posted by Garret Morrill on 10/12/2017 at 11:15 PM

Re: “The pardon of Joe Arpaio triggers memories of an immigrant

The information in this article is all "fake news."

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Posted by Gloria Roark 1 on 10/12/2017 at 2:02 PM

Re: “Expense-ive error: Would Ryan Zinke make the same mistake twice?

I don't agree with private travel being used, but that being said, why didn't the Liberals cry foul when the Democrats were doing it in excess under Obama time and time again?? Examples - Nancy Pelosi spending hundreds of thousands on private air travel instead of commercial, Or Michelle Obama and her girls costing the taxpayers 10's of millions for their private vacations. I realize Michelle couldn't travel commercial, but her excess in expensive vacations paid for by taxpayers was mind blowing. More one sided reporting and outrage.

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Posted by Jay Banks on 10/05/2017 at 12:40 PM

Re: “Racism hasn't gone anywhere. It's everywhere.

Do you also have a list of unexpected kindness from strangers? That too would be interesting to peruse.

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Posted by Caro K on 09/28/2017 at 11:24 AM

Re: “Buffalo battle

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Posted by Scott Paul on 09/25/2017 at 6:42 PM

Re: “Cutting teachers for dummies: How to maximize pain and minimize profit at UM

Allow the faculty to consider the problem of the budget and to make a considered decision on the budget.

ThE University of Montana is it's facilty. The University is a great institution and it's greatness must be conserved.

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Posted by Gil Moss on 09/24/2017 at 8:55 PM

Re: “Cutting teachers for dummies: How to maximize pain and minimize profit at UM

While I agree with much of what you have written regarding the administration's approach to lecturers and budget cuts, I think it would have been better to avoid the cheap and ill-informed shot at Dr. Engstrom. He is actually teaching two courses this semester, and will teach more next semester. The course in Chemistry is 4 credits, has an enrollment of 50+ students, and includes 3 additional contact hours per week in recitations (meaning that contact hours are equivalent to two 3-credit lecture courses). Dr. Engstrom is teaching this course for the first time and putting a great deal of effort into developing it such that it will give students a greater chance of success in introductory science courses and advanced courses in science. So he his helping UM to address real challenges.

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Posted by Christopher Palmer on 09/24/2017 at 8:10 PM

Re: “The real history lesson behind Helena's Confederate monument

The City is to be commended. The perfect opportunity to erect a monument which recognizes racism and promotes equality.

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Posted by Jay Sinnott on 09/24/2017 at 10:31 AM

Re: “The real history lesson behind Helena's Confederate monument

This reminds me of the big push back in the 1990s to erase the word 'squaw' from the English lexicon. The word police in Minnesota said 'squaw' had become offensive, so to protect the presumed delicate nature of Indian women, it was to be expunged.

Even if it had become offensive, censorship was the worse response. They could have started a campaign to reclaim this marvelous word meaning 'woman,' to rise up and take back one of the oldest Algonquin words in the Oxford English dictionary, dating from the circa 1660s. Instead, the name was changed, of one of the most beautiful lakes in the land of lakes. Squaw Lake, Itasca State Park, headwaters of the Mississippi, is now called Lake Oziwindib, the male Native American who guided the 1830s search for the headwaters.

In a stroke of a pen the presence of an Indian woman in this much visited park has disappeared. Instead of wondering, who was she? And how did she merit an exquisite body of water named after her, and her baby? For on the southeast side of the lake is a tiny island, called Papoose Island.

Whomever controls language, and what we see, such as statues, eventually controls how we think. We are too easily conceding to cultural gatekeepers what and how we should think.

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Posted by Caro K on 09/23/2017 at 1:48 PM

Re: “Cutting teachers for dummies: How to maximize pain and minimize profit at UM

Penny wise, pound foolish : the corporate model. You expected more ?

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Posted by alf on 09/23/2017 at 11:18 AM

Re: “The real history lesson behind Helena's Confederate monument

The removal of Montana's Confederate monument is nothing more than political opportunism. For the tribe or anyone else to claim offense to this monument is total nonsense. Its opportunism, victimology at its finest. And the City Council violated all consideration of as they say today, transparency. What do you tell your kids about things you have to do under cover of darkness. They should be ashamed. Quit rewriting history, Montana!

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Posted by Ed Kugler on 09/22/2017 at 4:53 PM

Re: “The real history lesson behind Helena's Confederate monument

I'm concerned at the profound ignorance of our history amongst the next generation of Montanans. History is supposed to be factual but in reality it's anything but. College graduates have no idea who Joseph Stalin was. Or Audie Murphy, Pol Pot, Benito Mousollini,HoChiMin and a host of history makers. A second grader can quote you chapter and verse about RevDrMartinLutherKingJr but has no clue who Albert Einstein was.
I submit that educators are rewriting our history by ignoring what did happen with what should have happened. Opposition to anything Conferate is a perfect illustration. America has bee apologizing for the institution of slavery for all the seventy years I've been alive. I think it's time to move on. 1864 was a long time ago.

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Posted by smedley on 09/21/2017 at 10:55 AM

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