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Re: “Inside Gianforte’s election night party, or: How Montana Republicans learned to stop worrying and love the ‘body slam’

Zinke....spends more time in California than Montana.
Daines....born in California.
Giaforte....from California, schooled in Jersey.

Montana values....they all put the 'R' next to their names.

None actually ever represented Montana, just national GOP puppets, GG will be no different. Just rich white men out for fame and fortune.

Montana values!

Montana votes a monumental fuck up into the White House....a rich white man with an 'R' next to his name.

Montana values!

Zenke sells his soul to a monumental fuck up of a presidency and is rewarded with a cabinet position in this chaotic mess.

Montana values!

Daines has never been anything more than a national GOP puppet, but he is a rich white man with an 'R' next to his name.

Montana values!

An arrogant rich white man from California, educated in New Jersey, relocates to Montana twenty one years ago, grabs a reporter by the throat and beats him up for asking a question. Then this rich white man tells us what the "Montana way" is all many millions of his own money has he spent trying to buy the minds of Montana voters? What does he expect to gain in return for all that money he spent? Greedy rich republicans don't get into this business because they have a charitable heart.

What has become "Montana values":

Believe only what the puppet masters of right wing propaganda teach.
Rich white men with the 'R' next to their name can walk on water.
Money dictates the content of the minds of Montana voters.

The puppet masters (rich white men) from out-of-state dictate what "Montana values" are these days, just like the days of the Copper Kings.

Republicans, you're being played for fools! You've completely lost your minds!

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Posted by Joe Bear on 05/29/2017 at 11:23 AM

Re: “Best Men's Haircuts

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