90 Days in 60 Seconds 

An unconventional talk with rock’s 90 Day Men

Chicago’s 90 Day Men have been honing their smart, nervous, kinda scrapey “post-hardcore” sound since back in 1995. With the release of their first long-player, (it (is) it) critical band, and an upcoming visit to Jay’s Upstairs, we thought we’d better find out what makes these gentlemen rockers tick. Our queries were fielded via e-mail by Cayce Key (drums) and Brian Case (guitar/vocals).
Please describe the sound of the 90 Day Men in haiku form. Fantasy van rides Bright lights and eternity Drinks are on the house
So what’s supposed to be so great about you guys? We help to ensure the nation’s interest in today’s active lifestyle through sonic enforcement and the latest in fashion technology. Using algorithms to sonically enhance our music, the monster machine known as the 90 Day Men gives the world listening audience (WLA) a clearer view of the heavens. Would you rather have the ability to shave by thinking really hard, or a magic lasso that made people tell you the truth? Magic lasso, to be sure. We’d rather be hairy-faced and entertained than shaven and lied to.
What keeps music fresh and exciting for you?
The regeneration of ideas/compositions, constantly enduring adversity and the endless expression of emotions in new forms and functions.
When was the last time you seriously thought about dying? The last time I seriously thought about dying was actually last night. I am presently homeless and was staying at a friend’s house. I have these really bad allergies and asthma and at about four in the morning I woke up having this incredible reaction to her cats. So, at about five I left and had to go and sleep in the van. It was about 30 degrees. Not only did I feel like I was dying, but I actually wanted to die.
Would you rather grow increasingly intelligent with the consumption of alcohol, but also increasingly convinced you were one of the Village People, or suddenly know how to speak the language of your choice with native fluency?
I think I would have to go with language on this one. See, in my mind I naturally become increasingly brilliant with each drink, but I do suffer from a language barrier outside of English. Besides, wouldn’t it be cool to speak really belligerent French and actually make sense?
Do you think that, as a band and as individuals, you do unto others as you would have them do unto you?
I would like to think so. I’m sure there are some people who would disagree, but I think we all try and do what we can for others and I think people try and help us out if they have the ability to.
Would you rather spend three days of mutual nudity with Roseanne Barr or Tommy LaSorda?
I’m going to go with Roseanne Barr here. I am actually a big fan and, well, three days of mutual nudity might lead to something and I don’t want that something to have anything to do with Tommy LaSorda, no matter how good his pasta sauce is.
The 90 Day Men test your mettle at Jay’s Upstairs this Monday at 10 PM. Cover TBA.

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