Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Not rolling with it

Posted on Wed, May 8, 2013 at 2:27 PM

To start, I did enjoy your recent article about new Missoula restaurants (see "All you can eat," May 4). In fact, your article inspired me to try some new places. However, something else bothered me. Jason McMackin, author of a small piece within this article (see "What's good here?"), came off as an absolutely insufferable douche. He believes that his minimum wage job baking rolls somehow makes him superior to us plebeian low-lifes who don't bake rolls, or something. He spends the majority of the article talking down to those who don't share his oh-so-desirable position in the social strata of roll-baker. Not only is it reasonable for a customer to ask for a recommendation at an eatery, it is part of the restaurant's duty to accommodate that simple request.

I know none of us could ever have the golden palate that McMackin apparently has, but who would know more about the food than those who prepare it? If you'd rather people not try anything at your store, I suppose that's your choice. Oh, and I suppose it's also good business practice to berate customers and refuse their money simply because they said something to question your high and mighty status as a pretzel-roll maker. The entire piece was rife with arrogance and pompousness. I suppose this is why he never named this godly bakery he works at. If I knew what pretentious bakery hired this narcissistic prick I would never eat there. It's sad to me that this is the kind of town Missoula has turned into. I grew up knowing this town as one of humble friendliness and acceptance, but apparently it's now one of upturned noses and designer rolls.

Connor Sandefur


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