Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Think on this

Posted on Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 2:41 PM

Why can't they work together and compromise? It is a frequent question today due to the "fiscal cliff" headlines. When you, or your friends, ask that question it shows a lack of understanding of economics, philosophy and politics. Think about it. If you have a person that believes in God debating a person that is an agnostic, who is going to win the debate? If you have a person that believes in free enterprise debating with a person that believes in socialism, who is going to win that debate? If you have a person that believes in big government with more and more regulations plus higher taxes, debating a person that believes in smaller government, fewer regulations, more freedom and fewer taxes, who is going to win that debate?

The problem is emotion! Emotion replaces the reasoning and clear thinking of one of the debaters. When facts are presented, and historic examples are laid on the table, the only obstacle in reaching a decision has to be emotion.

When one debater states facts, and the other says "I don't believe that," what that debater is really saying is "I don't want to believe that." That is emotion talking! Facts are facts!

I believe the problem began with our inadequate educational system. Teaching students to pass a test; teaching "what to think" rather than "how to think;" taking heroes out of education so students no longer have goals to emulate; taking history out of education so the students have no basis for perception; taking grading out of the evaluations, and scoring out of athletic contests, so as not to "hurt the student's psyche." Our current educational system has led to a growing populous of non-thinking, non-competitive and incompetent adults that just want to "ride in the wagon" as we watch our great country in the throes of decline.

Fred Carl


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