Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Indy falls into the cauldron

Posted on Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 4:26 PM

Con-gratulations Independent! You've made it to the mainstream media. Your cover article "Dead center" (Sept. 6) about Sen. Max Baucus and health care reform takes you out of the alternative press and right into the cauldron of major media. What got you there? Your statement, "In pursuit of middle ground, centrist Democrats jettisoned proposals coming from more progressive members of their party, most notably a public health insurance option." The fact that you would parrot a phrase better suited for Fox News in your "indy" paper tells us how far to the right political propaganda in this country has swung.What in any way, shape or form is "progressive" about a health care plan fully endorsed by every member of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives? These folks we elect have a low-premium, low-deductible, single-payer (the taxpayer) supported health care plan—a plan every Republican member of Congress, including Rep. Denny Rehberg, uses along with every Republican member of the Montana Legislature at the state level. Republicans don't do "progressive" these days, or so they say, so obviously a low-premium, low-deductible, single-payer plan they use daily couldn't be "progressive" at all.Why don't you and I and everyone else in this country have the same plan as the people we hire and pay to work for us have in the land of "With Liberty and Justice for All?" Simple, you beat a person down long enough and eventually you can convince them that everything going wrong with them is their fault, their problem. Then, even scraps from the proverbial biblical table seem like manna from heaven. And comparing what we, the citizens, get out of the Affordable Care Act compared to what the drug companies, insurance companies and our elected official get, "scraps" is the kindest word that can be applied here. Local schools and clinics feeling ever-so-grateful for getting something they should have had decades ago, and in every community, shows how far the citizenry has been brainwashed into thinking, "It's huge."How would we know any better when our former watchdogs (the media), are now the lap dogs of the political class in order to maintain "access" with that group? Case in point: The simple question that never appeared: "Sen. Baucus, you have a low-premium, low-deductible, taxpayer-subsidized insurance plan. Why didn't you and the Democrats fight endlessly for all Montanans to have the same?"What ever happened to speaking truth to power?

John Marshall

Libertarian Candidate for Senate District 7

Hot Springs

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