Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not cute

Posted on Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 4:00 AM

I heard with disgust that an 19-year-old man (not a boy, not a child, not a kid) decided to get drunk and streak naked across the University of Montana football field this past Saturday in front of 26,000 fans who included young children and non-drunk humans.

As the mother of two UM graduates, and having been nearly killed by a drunk driver when I was 26, I urge the Missoula Police Department to charge this young man with a felony crime. An example needs to be set that underage drinking and nakedness in front of a crowd filled with men, women and children will not be tolerated.

Furthermore, this young man should be permanently expelled from the University of Montana and not given a second chance.

I further think that the Missoula Police Department should charge him with child abuse for streaking in front of so many small children who did not understand what was happening. He was not cute. He was not clever. He was not entertaining. He was a drunk young man who needs to be shown the door out of the University of Montana.

Period. No liberal namby-pamby and wimpy response to this man is in order. He must be charged with a sex offense and listed as a sex offender if convicted.

UM President Royce Engstrom needs to discuss this publicly and put everyone at Griz games on notice that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated, ever.

I quit attending games because of the excessive number of people who drink and then get into cars, trucks and RVs and drive on our streets. Should UM be liable for allowing people to drink and drive on game days? What happens if one of those people gets in a car and kills someone?

A drunk driver nearly killed me on Labor Day in 1978. I spent years in and out of hospitals and physical therapy offices and continue to have permanent and constant pain in my neck and back, thanks to a man who was drunk and high on marijuana and hit me head-on going 85 mph. I would later become one of the founders of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, in 1982.

Please do the right thing and don’t put this brat into counseling so he can do this again. Get rid of him. Make his parents come and get him and take him back where he came from to think about his crime. Place serious charges against him that give him a few felonies. Do this for your children and grandchildren and everyone who has to live with this idiot.

Susan Campbell Reneau


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