Thursday, December 16, 2010

Benefits of legalization

Posted on Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 4:00 AM

I’m writing in response to the letter to the editor titled “Legalization lingo” (see Letters, Dec. 9, 2010). While I agree that the Department of Agriculture is not the correct organization to regulate the production and sale of medical marijuana, I do think there is a need for people with legitimate illnesses to have regulated access to marijuana.

The regulations are too vague at this time. In the upcoming 2011 legislative session, representatives are proposing that the Department of Revenue be responsible for the regulation of medical marijuana. If the federal government would see fit to legalize marijuana, then marijuana could be distributed through pharmacies like other prescription drugs used for pain relief, nausea and appetite. I see alcohol as a debilitating drug and it is legal; at least marijuana has benefits.

Too much money is wasted on policing marijuana growth and use. If Montana did legalize and tax marijuana, at least Montanans would be taking money out of the criminal’s hands, while at the same time making money for beneficial use like children’s health insurance or rehabilitation. Obviously the drug task force’s efforts are not even coming close to stopping illegal marijuana growth or use in Montana anyway!

Get involved, write your representatives and help make the changes you would like to see.

Kris Carroll


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