Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mainstream misses

Posted on Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 4:00 AM

I just wanted to send my congratulations and a massive thank you to Rebecca Bowe and the Missoula Independent for the “Under The Radar: The 10 Biggest National and International Stories Ignored by the Major News Outlets” cover story (Oct. 14, 2010).

In a day and age where mainstream news is little more than puerile entertainment gossip and government sponsored propaganda, it is refreshing and awesome to see these major news stories being brought to light. What hope is there for the future of this country when the current mainstream news channels are spewing forth the same talking points from their left or right perspectives? The majority of the population is being kept in the dark while being masterfully entertained with inconsequential drivel. All the while both Democrat and Republican sides of the government are being taken over by greedy and sociopathic banks and corporations. Gore Vidal recently said: “Anybody who tries to hang on to America’s coat-tails is going to find himself up to his eyeballs in, well, deceit and corruption. This is the crookedest place on earth—and I never thought I would go that far, having been to many other countries at least south of our borders,” and I tend to agree with him.

Unless people are awake enough to start looking at alternative sources for news, things are just going to get worse. It shouldn’t be the case that a large percentage of people now look to “The Daily Show” to get actual news. But when you have news stations like Faux News and their ridiculous line up of pompous douchebags attempting to “enlighten” the public, where else can one turn? Well, it seems like the Independent is now a great start! Keep up the great work!

Matt L. O’Connor


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