Thursday, March 11, 2010

Roasting Rehberg

Posted on Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 4:00 AM

I recently received an e-mail from Rep. Denny Rehberg about the government spending $572,602,739 per day on interest from the national debt (which he helped to create since he was elected in 2000). He likes scaring me with big numbers, but here’s a number he’s afraid to talk about: $2,876,712,329 every day on oil imports.

That’s right, it’s over five times higher than Rehberg’s scary number and it’s not “funny” money either—it’s real dollars right out of your pocket at the gas pumps. It’s energy jobs in Saudi Arabia instead of Montana, and it’s oil wars spilling American blood on foreign soil. Imported oil costs us nearly $3 billion dollars every day; $350 billion a year bled out of our country in oil imports and another $700 billion in lost jobs.

And what has your Montana representative done about it? Nothing.

But he does want to cut Social Security for Montana’s seniors. Reforming entitlement is political code for taking away benefits earned by hard-working men and women, or putting the safety net in the hands of Wall Street.

He also wants to destroy education by freezing “discretionary spending.” And the “hard-working Americans” Denny wants to lower taxes for are the same Wall Street bankers that nearly drove us into bankruptcy.

Dennis McDonald has a real plan for an energy independent America: Clean coal, wind and natural gas for heavy trucks, and we can do it all in Montana! These are jobs for Montanans, jobs for Americans, and they don’t involve any more “oil wars.”

Let’s tell Rehberg and his foreign oil buddies, “No thanks.” 

Jerry McDonald

Thompson Falls

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