Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coal-d hearted

Posted on Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 2:43 PM

This letter is to thank Denise Juneau for her vote against Otter Creek Mining (see "Coal in their stockings," Dec. 24, 2009). Her courage in letting her ancestral wisdom put the earth and seven future generations of inhabitants above corporate profits was...brave, refreshing, redeeming. There is not a single right word that comes to mind, because it is just the right thing to do and any word sounds awkward to those of us who embrace her wisdom.

It is unfortunate that other members of the Land Board who voted for this impending catastrophe do not share her insights. Even more, these democratically elected officials did not listen to the wise testimony of their constituents. Unconscionable! They did not listen to the ranchers, high school students, teachers and others opposed to the massive proposed coal mining who voiced their concerns about the long-term impacts on the land, the people and the water on rural agricultural life in the Tongue River. The students had the wisdom to cite global climate change, and the impact on their future and the future of the next generations. We the people with such forethought will not allow those we elect to sell out to such shortsightedness!

I hope that Denise Juneau considers running for governor. I for one would work tirelessly for her campaign. She stands with the strength of the likes of Jeannette Rankin as a woman of principle. She did not succumb to pressure from the profiteers unlike her Democratic colleagues on the Land Board. How could they be so coal-d hearted?

Again, thank you for your leadership!

Rita Jankowska-Bradley


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