Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flower power

Posted on Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 3:08 PM

The water consumption from the elaborate floral display at Southgate Mall is very troublesome to me. Water is one of the scarcest natural resources of our planet today and the threat of its disappearance from the earth forever is a very real one. When I asked the man at the mall watering the flowers how much water he wastes every day, he replied, "How much do I waste?"

To me, this is a gross example of the severe ignorance and/or lack of caring that has put our planet in the position it is in today. I then changed my tone and asked, "How much do you use?" He told me that he uses one gallon of water per basket, per day to water all the flowers on the facility plus some twice per day. My calculations, using those numbers, estimate the mall wastes 5,565 gallons of water in 4–5 months on these flowers. This is unacceptable.

The other thing I noticed, as I was attempting to talk to this man, was the loud noise overpowering our voices. As I walked away, I realized that the noise was coming from the machine running the water through the hose. I'm sure this machine is run by gasoline, one of the highest contributors to the greenhouse gases putting holes in our ozone.

I understand the proposed purpose of the hanging flowers; both my parents have worked in marketing and I understand the pros and cons to good presentation. Even with this knowledge, however, I still feel it is irresponsible to create the presentation in this way.

The last thing on my mind is money, though I feel to make the most impact on you, I must also include the financial facts. By not having these flowers, you will save over a thousand dollars over the course of 10 years on water alone, plus the cost of the actual hanging baskets. I highly doubt you will lose even near that amount of money from customers not entering the building because there were no flowers in the entrances.

Human beings have a responsibility to the planet on which we live. Thus far, our responsibilities have been shrugged off for selfish things like industry, vanity and standard of living. I hope all of these things enter your mind in the coming years when you make choices that have such a large and negative impact on the planet on which all of its creatures depend.

Danielle Standley


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