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Candy Wednesday: Sour Patch Kids (Berries)

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Welcome to Candy Wednesday. This week's edition: Sour Patch Kids, Berries, because they were on sale in the grocery store's "last-minute impulse buy" section.

berry flavored lol
  • "berry" flavored lol

Erika says: The name Sour Patch Kids was reportedly meant to ride the coat tails of the 1980s and 1990s Cabbage Patch Kid rage. I never had a Cabbage Patch Kid (just a knock-off) but I did collect Garbage Pail Kid cards, which are mostly in poor taste (even for me) but sometimes funny.


Kate says: Sour Patch Kids remind me of how in junior high (or, if I'm really being honest, high school) a friend and I thought it was the height of hilarity to get Sour Patch Kids out of the vending machine and walk around at lunch asking people "Do you want to have kids with me?" It was so funny guys. So funny.

Erika says: I'm a big fan of the original flavors of Sour Patch Kids in this order: red, orange, green and yellow. Off-shoots include Sour Patch Xploderz, Sour Patch Xtreme, Sour Patch Chillerez and these, Sour Patch Berries, among many others. Besides having annoying spellings for their name that only really appeal to NASCAR fans, most of the non-original flavors are gross. Especially blue raspberry which has always been a bulls*t flavor even if it is supposedly a real fruit somewhere. It's the flavor that companies go to when they can't think of a new flavor. SP Berries are another example of how much sequels suck.

Kate says: I'm gonna have to beg to differ with you here. I like the texture of these, which is soft and chewy, whereas I had this memory of Sour Patch Kids being kinda tough like Skittles. And they're sour, but not excessively heart-burn-inducingly sour, which I appreciate. Plus, I can anthropomorphize these little guys and make 'em say "help me! help meeee!" in bug voices as I eat them. Because I am... normal. Yup.

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