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Audio of the controversial Montana State video that includes a rape joke and forced a prominent CEO to apologize

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The Brawl of the Wild rivalry between Montana and Montana State got a little weird this week. It all revolves around a not very funny video and one particular lyric that makes fun of sexual assaults in Missoula. The fallout includes lots (and lots) of message board and social media comments, and a public apology from the CEO of Wheat Montana for his role in the making of the spoof.

So, how'd this all start?

Last Sunday, a user at BobcatNation posted video of "C.A.T.S.," and described it as the "much anticipated followup to last year's hit 'Blue Bobcat Cup.'" Immediate reaction to the video ranged from "Frankly, I've never been more humiliated" to "That's going to be hot, hot, hot for years to come." A few commenters specifically noted in the forum the line that attempted to make fun of sexual assaults in Missoula. "haa its funny that one part about the no means no because i think they are talking about the grizz raping," wrote "Buck N."

The same day, the video reached a forum at eGriz, where the reaction ranged from "That has to be the worst POS I have ever seen" to "The little no means no line in there is pretty.... Classless."

Someone also called attention to the YouTube description of the video — since removed — that included this:

Larry Aasheim and Dean Folkvord of F&A Productions and producer Markus Zetler/Heroshots Productions, the team that brought you last year's hit "Blue Bobcat Cup", are back with "C.A.T.S"! A musical tribute to Montana State University and the fighting Bobcats and a parody of the beloved song "Y.M.C.A." by the Village People.

Aasheim is the co-founder of Universal Athletics. Folkvord is the CEO of Wheat Montana. As criticism of the video mounted, especially in regards to the "no means no" lyric, some users called for a boycott of the companies. That prompted Folkvord to post a public apology (also since removed) on his company's Facebook page:

I am issuing this official apology to all Wheat Montana customers, and friends, who have posted comments about the CATS video.

My friend and I did do a despicable thing, with the line "No-means-No". Accordingly, I've embarrassed myself, our company, our public institutions, and my fellow Montanan's.

I am making this personal apology to you, because it was wrong, and you have made your feelings known.

I am sorry to have caused this condition and am equally sorry to others that I have touched with this cruel statement.

Today I was in personal contact with administrators at UM, and have issued a formal, written, apology to them.

You can be sure that I have learned a lesson.

In Montana we enjoy a rich Cat/Griz rivalry that challenges our two major universities to become better. While attempting to be funny, I clearly crossed the line and pray that you will forgive this one episode of bad judgement and poor taste.

Dean Folkvord, CEO

It's worth noting that a day after the "C.A.T.S." video was posted, MSU administrators suspended two fraternities after reports of rapes during weekend parties.

The video quickly disappeared from the internet. Most fans have moved on, but many haven't had a chance to hear what prompted such a fuss. The Indy received an audio file of the song, which you can stream below.

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