Monday, February 18, 2013

Our crossword puzzle was especially difficult last week

Posted By on Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 12:27 PM

Did you have some trouble with the Indy's weekly "Jonesin'" crossword puzzle, titled "Free to Be," in last week's issue? Well, I don't blame you.

Due to a production error, the "down" clues were for a different puzzle. I'm no expert when it comes to crosswordin', but my guess is that mistake makes coming up with the correct answers just a wee bit more difficult.

First off, our apologies for the confusion and potential frustration. Second, if you've been studiously completing our crossword puzzle every week for six years — as one caller professed on our voice mail over the weekend — or you're just looking for something to do on this holiday Monday and now have a hankering to check out the puzzle, we've supplied the correct "down" clues below, as well as the ones for "across."

As always, answers will appear in the next printed issue.

1 Brick carrier
4 1450, to Nero
8 Is acquainted with
13 Old health resorts
15 Gas checked in home safety tests
16 Like bad lending
17 OutKast member ___ 3000
18 Debate attack
19 ___ positive
20 Co. whose mascot is Nipper
21 Deer relative
22 Abbr. after a phone number
24 "___ Blues" ("White Album" song)
25 "Critique of Pure Reason" philosopher
27 Sinatra song with many lines starting with “this time”
30 Point to
32 Kind of issues aggravated by gluten
36 Swelling
37 One of the tides
39 Lisa of "Melrose Place"
40 Ruff ___ Entertainment (former record label)
42 Refused to go along with, like an idea
44 "If you asked me..." follow-up
46 Pastures
47 Soak (up)
50 "¿Que ___?" ("How's it going?" in Spanish)
51 Firework without the pop
53 Seasonal Will Ferrell movie
54 Medicine man, hopefully
56 Con artist's cube
59 ___ 2600 (system with blocky graphics)
60 Grocery store number
61 Doc in the field
62 Clean version of a song
63 It's pulled in April
64 In ___ (at heart)
65 1988 Dennis Quaid remake

1 Lollipops and peppermints and such
2 Like some catches
3 She teamed with Eminem in 2000
4 1996 kids’ movie directed by Danny DeVito
5 Anchor that stayed put for many years
6 Serious
7 They’re the target of simple terms
8 “Autobahn” group
9 Elder relative, to some
10 In a strange way
11 On the decline
12 Billy Idol expression
13 More lively
14 Not feisty
23 "The Mayor of Simpleton" band
26 “By the ___ Get to Phoenix”
28 Ryan or Boone
29 Architect Saarinen
31 Deck diversion
33 “Yessirree!”
34 “Falcon Crest” actress with the real last name Ortiz
35 Fuzzy four on the floor
38 Scrape covers
41 Org. that gives out 9-digit IDs
43 It may clash with the rest of the suit
45 Draw
47 Lovable rascal
48 Like shells
49 Devil's brand
52 ___-Provera (birth control injection)
55 PG&E opponent Brockovich
57 "Business Goes ___ Usual" (Roberta Flack song)
58 Scott who sued to end his own slavery

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