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Josh Vanek's 10 reasons to go see The Blind Shake tonight

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The Blind Shake is nothing but stomping, garage-rock fun, if memory serves from their stints in Missoula before. The Minneapolis trio melds shimmy-shake rock with thrashy outbursts and sludgy intercessions. Their latest album, the 2011 Seriousness, is a carnival fun house: trippy, unnerving and amusing. Should you dance your brains out or go out and cause a riot? Either one will do.

Tonight's show is worth the energy to get down to Zoo City Apparel, 139 E. Main, at 8 PM. $5. All ages.

Music promoter, Total Fest founder, Wantage USA label owner and all-around music geek, Josh Vanek, just sent me 10 reasons why you should check them out. Some of those reasons include the other bands playing: Needlecraft, Magpies, Javier Ryan and the Monster With 21 Faces. So, I give you...the Vanek Report:

Ten reasons to go see the Blind Shake
by Josh Vanek

10) The Blind Shake's latest album Seriousness, released last by Learning Curve shows an already great band taking their stuff a step further: getting weirder, writing more austere riffs and making less sense lyrically. Odd endorsement? Maybe, but listen to their records in succession sometime. It’s the sound of musical ideas taking form and turning into a unique voice. What’s all that add up to? Dunno, but it’s such solidly great, creeping rock and roll and folks like Poison Ivy, Link Wray and somebody younger—like uh, I don’t know, Duane Denison, maybe—all get nods.


9) The Blind Shake are power trio. Like, you know, the Minutemen, the Experience, Blue Cheer, James Gang, Motörhead. Sometimes three is better than four.

8) Needlecraft is playing the show. Unfamiliar with Mikki Lunda’s and Hana Montana’s new band? It’s nutsily catchy, ‘60s pop. Jangly, melodic and fun as shit. I always think of Sasshole’s sense of humor when I see them.

7) Loud, aggressive, but not macho. Talking about the Blind Shake here. In a music world of men making clutching symbols to the heavens and dropping their drop Ds even lower and their Marshalls even 11er, the Blind Shake just come off as kind of dorkily serious (with Members Only jackets with duct tape Masonic symbols), super well-rehearsed band with a fresh set of ideas, great stage presence and cheaply priced records. Dane Hansen thinks they’re straight edge because of the Bic’d heads. I’m pretty sure they’re not.

6) The Monster With 21 Faces is playing. This is Bryan Ramirez, P.J. Rogalski and Holt Bodish’s new group. Kind of a power-psych vibe. I saw ‘em at Modality’s VFW residency and they ruled. Covered 13th Floor Elevators too.

5) Brothers. (Blind Shake again) Speaking from experience, being a brother isn’t always an easy deal. Consider being in a band with a dude who shares what, half your DNA? Or more right?

4) Magpies are playing! Dave Martens, in addition to playing 11 other bands, drums for the Magpies. He’s a savage on the kit, and the Magpies trade off the dude/lady vocals in a Fred and Toody-esque way when they’re at their best.

3) Zoo City’s a fun place for a show. The VFW’s excellent. The Palace is great. The Top Hat rules. Missoula’s got some options again, and for that we thank Jah. Zoo City Apparel’s kind of our town’s DIY, low-overhead, collectively run deal that seems to work well for shows like this.

2) Javier Ryan’s playing! One man, some wild synths, some pop, some melody, some hooks, some soul. Stoked.

1) The Blind Shake are regular collaborators with Michael Yonkers, whose epically forgotten then un-earthed Microminiature Love is an insane, awesome psychedelic gem of record, as all his records are great, but I think it’s the first and in some ways, best. They regularly record great new stuff. Someday, they’re gonna bring him out for a show. Someday.

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