Monday, May 30, 2011

Extra, extra: In Other News, online

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In this week's installment: A Helena teen texts a cop for pot.

Curses, Foiled Again
When Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton received a text message from a Helena, Mont., teenager asking to buy marijuana, Dutton realized the boy had misdialed his drug dealer’s number. He directed the texter to meet a detective posing as the dealer. When the texter arrived with a friend, the detective identified himself. One of the boys fainted. No citations were issued, but Dutton said they faced worse punishment from their parents. (Helena Independent Record)

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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Night with the Foo Fighters

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Music reviewer Jason McMackin figures out who the fans are.


by Jason McMackin

I’ve often wondered who listens to classic rock radio, but also who enjoys it. After last night’s rock and roll concert at the Adams Center I now know: Foo Fighters fans.

Take away the modern stage accoutrements—a floor lit from below with video and vertigo-inducing lights, three-sided LED panels hung from the ceiling—and you essentially have a Van Hagar concert circa 1989. Dave Grohl and guitarist Chris Shifflet traded hot licks (Grohl doing so from an elevated perch at the back of the house, which, quite frankly was totally sweet). There was a drum solo. Hits were played. Charming ringleader Grohl enticed the crowd to sing along and rewarded them with praise when they did, “Why did we wait so long to come here and play a concert?” he asked, “If we knew it was this kick-ass, we would have been here 16 years ago." High fives all-around! And like a performance from the bad old days, the Foos played for about two hours. Impressive? Yes, but like most of their songs a touch too long. The boys seem to revel in 1970s rock and roll shtick, barely making fun of it, mostly enjoying the hell out of it. I never realized how meta the Foos were.

Like it or not, FF knows what the people want; they want that old time rock and roll, maybe even their parent’s old time rock and roll. The mom with husband and two tweens in tow who sat near me summed up it up, “This reminds me of when I saw Pearl Jam here in college.”

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A day in the field with the bear guys

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The story “You’re next” pokes at the question of grizzly delisting in Montana and how the latest political turbulence around the Endangered Species Act complicated life for the bears. But in the course of covering the story, photo editor Chad Harder and I got an invite from Jamie Jonkel of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to tag along for a day of bear field research.

Jamie pulled into the Bonner gas station shortly after 10 a.m. last Saturday. He had a dead deer in the back of his rig and an 80-pound black bear riding rear-guard in a large culvert trap. As his colleague Eric Graham filled the truck’s tank, Jamie strolled over to greet Ryan Alter, an enterprising Missoula inventor who’s created a number of gadgets for state biologists over the years. Today Jamie and Eric planned to check out a high-tech culvert trap Ryan had put together and placed in a wooded glade near Lincoln. But first, the black bear.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Steve Bullock is an 800-pound gorilla

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So says the Washington Post when listing the 2012 Montana governor race as the nation's third most-likely to switch from Dem control to the GOP. (H/T to MT Cowgirl for noticing this first.)

Chris Cillizza of "The Fix" blog says the third-place ranking comes with a caveat:

State Attorney General Steve Bullock (D) is the 800-pound gorilla in the race and most smart Democrats now expect him to run. If he does, he gives Democrats a real chance of holding onto the Montana governorship for 12 straight years. Republicans already have a crowded field with former Rep. Rick Hill as well as former state Sens. Corey Stapleton and Ken Miller among others. Whoever winds up as the GOP nominee will likely benefit from the likelihood that the Republican presidential nominee will easily carry the state.

Politico, meanwhile, has the race listed as its second most competitive, also listing Bullock's expected candidacy as one of the driving factors.

Longtime Montana Democratic consultant Barrett Kaiser said there's a reason the Republican Governors Association is worried about Bullock.

"He's the complete Montana package. Good-looking, but not slick. Well-spoken, yet folksy, good name ID, solid record and can raise a pile of cash. Couple that with Rick Hill's personal issues and a contentious primary and you have a very competitive open seat," said Kaiser.

Speculation about Bullock running for governor started years ago. In fact, the Indy even wondered back in 2009 if his friendship with Missoula Mayor John Engen could factor into the ticket.

Your future, a little early

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Find Rob Brezsny's "Free Will Astrology" online, every Wednesday, one day before it hits the Indy's printed pages.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): “Weaseling out of things is important to learn,” said cartoon anti-hero Homer Simpson. “It’s what separates us from the animals—except the weasel.” I normally don’t share that sentiment. My standard advice is to face up to challenging situations and take responsibility for the part you played in creating them. But I’m going to rebel against my custom this week and endorse Homer’s approach, Aries. You may be on the verge of getting sucked into a mess that you had virtually no role in creating. Either that, or you’ll be asked to carry out a mission that is irrelevant to your long-term goals. In either case, you have cosmic permission to weasel out.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

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The Society of Professional Journalists held its annual awards banquet last weekend, and we're proud to announce the Indy earned two first-place prizes.

Associate Editor Matthew Frank took top honors in the field of Business Reporting for "Green Rush," his story on the state's booming medical marijuana industry.

Staff Writer Alex Sakariassen won the "Sports Reporting" category for "A Call for Help," his in-depth look at search and rescue's challenges with Missoula's growing number of backcountry adventurers.

The northwest regional SPJ awards are open to publications in Montana, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. The Indy competes in the "Alternative Weeklies" category against newspapers like Willamette Week, Seattle Weekly and the Pacific Northwest Inlander.

In the daily newspaper competition, the Missoulian took one first-place award for photographer Kurt Wilson's portfolio. Wilson also won a third place for his falling bear photo (you know the one) and sports columnist Bill Speltz won third for Sports Feature Story.

You can view the full list of winners here (PDF).

Monday, May 23, 2011

Extra, extra: In Other News, online

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In this week's installment: pet alligators, lawn mower chucking, and an iPhone app saves a ducking.

Curses, Foiled Again
Matthew Dale Hudleston, 33, handed a bank teller in Foley, Ala., a note announcing, “I have a gun,” and detailing his demands. He left with $9,945 but returned awhile later for his hold-up note, which he’d left behind. A Baldwin County sheriff’s deputy spotted Hudleston in a stolen vehicle, chased it until it overturned, and recovered the stolen money, the hold-up note and Hudleston. (Mobile’s Press-Register)

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Watch a local TV news anchor ride down Snowbowl on a unicycle

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KPAX's Mark Holyoak is a self-described "muni-ac," which is short for a mountain unicycle fanatic. He owns seven unicycles, rode a unicycle in the recent Bike for Shelter and, lucky for us, writes about this passion at length on his blog.

Last summer, he and his son tested their muni skills by riding down Snowbowl. Holyoak just recently posted the video online, and you can see the video below. "We later paid the price because we were e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y sore for four days to follow," he writes, "but what a great memory."

The week's links: Rapture, parties and biomass protests

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Today's roundup from local blogs and alt newspapers guarantees to help you pass the time on this overcast Friday. Here we go:

As you know, tomorrow marks the end of days. Bummer. To prepare, the Boston Phoenix traveled with hundreds of Rapture warriors as they warned New Yorkers about their fate. From the opening:

Dan used to enjoy cognac, cigars, and prostitutes. But not anymore. He's bracing to ascend into Heaven this Saturday.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Your future, a little early

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Find Rob Brezsny's "Free Will Astrology" online, every Wednesday, one day before it hits the Indy's printed pages.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Today I received this email: “Dear Chosen One: My name is Boopsky, also known as ‘The Impossible.’ I rule a small kingdom that exists in a secret place—an island with abundant riches and rhinoceros playgrounds. To make a long story short, you have won our ‘naked’ lottery. Please come visit us to claim your prizes. We will carve a statue of you out of butter and strawberry jam. Your funny ways of walking and talking will be imitated by all of our citizens. Then you will be caressed as a monarch on a pile of TVs and sung songs to by our reincarnation chorus. Can’t wait to see you be so happy!” I suspect you may soon receive an invitation as puzzling as this one, Aries—an apparent blessing that carries mixed messages or odd undertones. My suggestion is to hold off on accepting it until you find out more about it. Meanwhile, make sure it doesn’t distract you from taking advantage of a less flashy but more practical opportunity.

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