Friday, April 29, 2011

Governor on marijuana storefronts: "July 1, they're out of business"

Posted By on Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 5:30 PM

Gov. Brian Schweitzer told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle editorial board this afternoon that he will let the medical marijuana reform bill become law. Schweitzer has been critical of the Legislature's work, but says he cannot let the current law continue.

"With the structure we have in place now, we have people using Montana law to smoke marijuana just to smoke it. That's what I believe," Schweitzer told the Chronicle.

The new bill allows caregivers to serve no more than three patients and bars people from accepting money for medical marijuana. Schweitzer said he expects more patients to grow marijuana, but that storefront businesses will be out of business by July 1.

The AP has filed a report, and the Chronicle has the full story from its interview.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Facing the Storm on PBS tonight

Posted By on Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 1:34 PM

If you missed it then, you shouldn't miss it now. Facing the Storm: Story of the American Bison screened at the Wilma Theatre in October to a solid crowd, but if you didn't show up then, you can catch it tonight on Montana PBS at 7 p.m. The film, created by the Montana-based High Plains Films, explores the underbelly of Yellowstone National Park bison management with striking cinematography and a look into the history and future of bison in North America.

When it first screened, our reviewer, Dave Loos, wrote in a review that it "may be the most comprehensively concise examination of how and why we managed to nearly eradicate 30 million animals from the Great Plains and what's being done today to ensure their survival." Here's that review in full.


Relive last weekend's Gourds shows, one clip at a time

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YouTube has been saturated in the last few days with clips of the Gourds two shows at the Top Hat last weekend. I count at least 10, with five courtesy of "polaris47."

If you had a prior commitment that made it impossible for you to attend, no matter how desperately you tried to rearrange your schedule and duck your responsibilities in hopes of catching just a little of either show (not that I'm bitter or anything), these clips provide a little bit of everything you need to feel like you were there—high quality visuals, descent sound, a shoutout to JR, yelps from the crowd, beers being passed in front of your view, etc.

Here are three of the best:

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Badlander bars get a four-day shutdown

Posted By on Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 2:58 PM

Be prepared to be extra thirsty in early June. Or, be prepared to have less watering holes to choose from, anyway. The owners of the Badlander complex, which includes the Badlander, Palace, the Golden Rose, the Savoy and the Central, will close its doors for four days, from June 6-9, after failing an under-age drinking sting. The complex's five bars all share one liquor license, but the sheer size of the place makes it a little more vulnerable to error. Here's the owners' statement on the situation:

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John Engen, Jim Nugent and a Bobcat foam finger

Posted By on Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Missoula Mayor John Engen lost a bet to Bozeman Mayor Jeff Krauss over last year's Griz-Cat game. The loser had to dress in the opposite team's gear and appear in an online video. Engen settled the bet, with a humorous assist from City Attorney Jim Nugent.

Here's the video:

Your future, a little early

Posted By on Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Find Rob Brezsny's "Free Will Astrology" online, every Wednesday, one day before it hits the Indy's printed pages.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): To convey my vision of how best to proceed in the coming week, I’ll offer the following metaphorical scenario: Imagine that you are not a professional chef, but you do have a modicum of cooking skills. Your task is to create a hearty, tasty soup from scratch without the benefit of a recipe. You will need a variety of ingredients, but on the other hand you don’t want to just throw in a welter of mismatched ingredients without regard for how they will all work together. To some degree you will have to use a trial-and-error approach, sampling the concoction as it brews. You will also want to keep an open mind about the possibility of adding new ingredients in the latter stages of the process. One more thing: The final product must not just appeal to you. You should keep in mind what others would like, too.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Introducing Robert Meyerowitz, the Indy's new editor

Posted By on Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 5:15 PM

You may have spotted a change near the top of the Indy's masthead. Or perhaps you've noticed over the past couple of weeks a drastic reduction in the number of grammatical errors and inaccuracies in the paper. (Just kidding, though we were without an editor for a bit there.) In any case, we're pleased to introduce Robert Meyerowitz as the Indy's new editor.

The Indys new editor, Robert Meyerowitz, who drinks too much coffee. Click image to enlarge.
  • Chad Harder
  • The Indy's new editor, Robert Meyerowitz, who drinks too much coffee. Click image to enlarge.

A few weeks ago Robert and his collie Sally saddled up in his Subaru and trekked from St. Louis to Missoula to take over the reins here in the newsroom. He brings with him with an impressive resume. Robert started his career as a music critic at an alt-weekly paper, then went to public radio (where his beat was “weird stuff,” according to the newsroom whiteboard), and eventually became a foreign correspondent for AP radio and NPR, in Central America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. He also wrote for the Chicago Sun-Times, the Toronto Star and the Anchorage Daily News, before becoming the editor of the Anchorage Press. Since leaving the Press in 2007, Meyerowitz edited New Times Broward-Palm Beach, was the Snedden Chair of Journalism at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and was a senior editor at St. Louis Magazine.

Being new to Missoula, we've had to bring Robert up to speed on a few things—like what the deal is with wolves, medical marijuana, the wacky legislature, and the weather, and where to find the best coffee, veterinarian, haircut, and cheap lunch—but, with a couple weeks under his belt, he's settling in nicely, and he and Sally appear to be happy campers here in the Garden City.

Robert's got some great ideas for how to improve the paper, so be on the lookout for some subtle and not-so-subtle changes. In the meantime, feel free to send any questions, comments, letters, words of warning and party evites to, or call him at 543-6609 ext. 107. Also, you can stalk Robert on his public Facebook page, where he's been documenting his Missoula firsts, like spotting a mountain bluebird on Sunday.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Evel on the eve of his biggest jump

Posted By on Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 3:15 PM

Few sports writers are as talented as Leigh Montville, and few subjects as compelling as Butte native Evel Knievel.

The two collide in Montville's new biography of the daredevil, titled Evel: The High-Flying Life of Evel Knievel: American Showman, Daredevil, and Legend.

The book hits shelves tomorrow, but Sports Illustrated has posted an excerpt that details Knievel's outlandish 1974 launch over Idaho's Snake River — in a "rocket" that was actually just a bucket seat attached to a steam-powered thrust engine. Knievel spent the days before the jump in Montana, and Montville recounts Knievel's strangely sentimental mood as he reconnected with friends and family. He also explains the probable reason for his demeanor — nobody expected Knievel to survive, including Sports Illustrated photographer Heinz Kleutmeier.

"You're going back to the bottom of the canyon," the photographer told his assistant when they arrived at the site. "That's where I want you for the jump."

The assistant objected. The sun was brutal. The bottom of the canyon would be hot, dirty, and totally without merit. Nothing would happen there.

"No, that's where the story is going to be," Kleutmeier said, thinking about the test shot he had witnessed. "I saw the test. That's where this guy is going to land."

In addition to the excerpt, Sports Illustrated also posted a slideshow of classic Knievel images.

Extra, extra: In Other News, online

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In this week's installment, Montana lawmakers become drinking-class heroes.

Curses, Foiled Again
A taxi driver in Springfield, Ill., picked up a fare who hadn’t even closed the door before he pulled a handgun and demanded money. The driver told police he noticed the car was still in gear, so he stepped on the gas and jerked the steering wheel back and forth, causing the gunman to fly out of the open passenger door and flee empty handed. (Springfield’s The State Journal-Register)

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Your future, a little early

Posted By on Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Find Rob Brezsny's "Free Will Astrology" online, every Wednesday, one day before it hits the Indy's printed pages.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Now comes one of the supreme tests that most every Aries must periodically face: Will you live up to your promises? Will you follow through on your rousing start? Will you continue to stay passionately committed once the fiery infatuation stage evolves into the earthy foundation-building stage? Here’s a secret to succeeding at this test: You can’t just try to force yourself to “be good” and do the right thing. Nor does it work to use shame or guilt to motivate yourself. Somehow you’ve got to marshal pure, raw excitement for the gritty detail work to come. You’ve got to fall in love with the task of actually fleshing out your dreams.

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