Thursday, August 15, 2013

Long live Total Fest! Memorable moments continued

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In our Total Fest preview this week we list the top 13 most memorable moments during the Missoula independent rock festival's past 12 years. There are surely more than that, and festival-goers from years past might be able to recall those. (For instance, it was pretty cool when Milli Thompson from Sasshole saved the night and filled in as the bass player for Olympia's Fitz of Depression at the last minute. That band has been around for a long time, and a big contributor to my record collection. I would have been star-struck to play with them).

Still, some memories aren't necessarily shared by the entire Total Fest audience, like the one from Total Fest veterans and committee members Wendy Maltonic and Lou Beard. Here's their memory in Maltonic's words:

Our best memory has to be of TotalFest VII. All of us on the committee offer up our homes to the bands that come from out of town so that they do not have the extra expense of paying for a hotel. Most of the time, we have never met the people we are staying with until they show up at the venue. In 2008, Rad Touch from Seattle was one of the bands staying at our house along with The Limbs (who happened to be an old friend of mine from Ohio and whose dad was my 9th grade English teacher). After having a wildly successful Thursday night we headed back to our house to get settled in for the night.

That was the year that the Olympics were in Beijing and Lou and I are a huge Olympics nuts. Of course, we tried to keep that on the down-low since we didn’t imagine that very many rockers would be interested in seeing how many medals the US had racked up. After having a few night caps, I couldn’t help myself. I quietly turned on the TV to see what was happening (and since it was 3 a.m., it was on live). I tried to be discreet while everyone else was engrossed in conversation, but to no avail. I got busted.

“Is that the Olympics?”

“Yeah, sorry. I couldn’t help myself."

As I grabbed the remote to turn it off, I was met by a chorus of voices yelling “Leave it on!”

Turns out we ended up with a house full of people who were as crazy about it as we were. We spent all three nights sitting up until 5 or 6 in the morning yelling for the gymnasts to stick their landings and cheering on Michael Phelps as he set his gold medal record.

TotalFest really has been such a huge part of our lives and for the past 5 years we have celebrated our anniversary during TotalFest. We could not imagine this city without this wonderful gathering of music lovers. Long live Total Fest!

Rad Touch from Seattle
  • Rad Touch from Seattle

We'd love to hear any other weird, warm-and-fuzzy or mind-blowing moments from any of you, too. Bring it on. (Oh, and see you tonight!)

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