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You Could Have Gotten a Classic Humpy Record for $1 Last Week

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So, this punk distro guy in Houston called Vinyl Junky's been having this blowout sale, which seems to be over now. I did some rather uncharacteristic December self-focused purchasing, and I feel kind dirty about it, so I'm waiting to listen to most of the records as a penance. But it was cheap (he had some classic godheadSilo!) and I got some gifts too.

Anyhow, among the things he was selling was the Humpy/Lopez split 7" from around 1995 or '96. While I've vowed to never be as annoying as the babyboom generation talking about seeing CSNY (or whomever), I will talk about some of the bands that made me first start to get and appreciate underground punk rock and hardcore. At the top of that list is Missoula's Humpy, who just re-united real satisfyingly for one of VTO's Residency shows at the VFW. They were satisfying in a lot of ways that sometimes a punk fan struggles with in Missoula: they were aggressive, and didn't really ever let up and do ska breakdowns, ever. They had great lyrics, and didn't ever have the word "oi" in a chorus. They raged, covered Heart (mostly) unironically, and brought the kind of no compromises approach of hardcore to a small town, and (almost) nobody gave much of a shit.


From one side of things, it's kind of sad to see a great record by a Missoula band as good as Humpy on the the internet for only a buck, but look at it this way: this is a great record, and for a buck plus some postage, you could've gotten it, played it, and had some classic hardcore songs that are only available on youtube. And if obscurity isn't your thing, well, know that it's a good record by two great northwest punk/hardcore bands, and one of the kind of limited number of such things from the inland empire. Lopez (originally from Wenatchee, WA) raged in their own right, kind of more punk rock than Humpy, and Tom went on to sing for Black Elk. Keep watching that Vinyl Junky Distro site, it might come back up.

Meanwhile, if you're cool dropping $3 and some postage, you can get the even better Beer City 7" Humpy did. That's available here. It erroneously says they're from Madison. They weren't. they never really even left Montana.

Ultimately, this isn't just about encouraging more overconsumption, but if you're a record collector, and fancy yourself anything of an, err, locofile, I don't want to hear about how your collection doesn't have any Humpy, man.

Here's another track of Humpy's.

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